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June 26, 2008

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American Gangster is Pure Oscar Bait, but it works! Michelle’s Review

November 2, 2007




I’ll admit it, I’ve never been much of a fan of Denzel Washington, he’s a great actor but for some reason he just never did it for me. But in American Gangster Denzel captivates and hold the screen. He’s both charming and disarmingly deadly at the same time. I generally love gangster films but hate the over glorification of the lifestyle. Never once in AG did I feel American Gangster glorified Denzel’s Frank Lucas. Read the rest of this entry »

Bee Movie is Great Fun! Bee-lieve It!

November 2, 2007

Bee Movie EclipseMagazine.com Movie Review

Jerry Seinfeld’s first excursion into the realm of CG animation is a lively, sleek [82 mins] legal comedy, ecological fable and unlikely romance – starring bees. Thanks to Dreamworks Animation and a heartfelt script, Bee Movie is actually the second movie I’ve seen in the last little while to warrant audience applause.

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Morgan Freeman Talks to EclipseMagazine.com’s Michelle Alexandria!

October 31, 2007

Morgan Freeman Talks About Feast of Love, Batman and more. EclipseMagazine.com Interview

Last month I caught up with Morgan Freeman at the LA Press day for Feast of Love, a small Indie film that had a limited release a few weeks ago with the hopes of having it go wide in the coming weeks. Feast of Love is a small indie film that talks about the various stages of love from the perspective of 3 different couples – one young couple in love, to the middle aged couple who end up getting a divorce and Freeman and his wife who have been together for several years. Check out my review. Morgan was in a great mood for this round table interview and was surprisingly funny and was a little reluctant to talk about Batman, but our friend Frosty over at Collider kept at him till Morgan gave us a quote. It’s funny Frosty and I was battling over who gets to ask the Batman question and I told him to go for it. Check out the interview it was fun, and I expect the studio will do an award campaign around this film. In this really weak year, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Morgan get some attention in the supporting actor category for this.


Leslie Bibb Talks About Iron Man and Wristcutters

October 31, 2007

Leslie Bibb Talks About Iron Man and Wristcutters - EclipseMagazine.com Interview

Last week I had a chance to have a sit down with the ever Popular Leslie Bibb. The interview was fabulous she was in a real talkative mood and who am I not to cater to it. So we talked a lot about Iron Man, what the atmosphere on the set was like, the character she plays, one of my old Favorite TV shows Popular (for some reason I got all giddy when she mentioned that one of her closest friends is fellow Popular co-star Carly Pope, what it’s like to be on the cusp of becoming an “A-List Actress,” her latest film Wristcutters: A Love Story and a whole lot more. It’s a fun informative 15 minute interview click the link below to listen.




Dan in Real Life: Quiet Romantic Comedy Yields Unexpected Pleasures

October 28, 2007

 Dan in Real Life EclipseMagazine.com Movie Review

Dan Burns is a widowed advice columnist with three daughters. Hmmm… My Three Daughters? No, not nearly. Dan in Real Life is an old-fashioned, family-friendly comedy with genuine heart and some new nuances for what should’ve been a formulaic flick.

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TVonDVD: The Best of the Best – The Young Indiana Jones Adventures, Volume One; My So-Called Life: The Complete Series

October 28, 2007

 Young Indiana Jones & My So-Called Life - EclipseMagazine.com TVonDVD

This week two of the best TVonDVD sets ever hit the shelves. First, there’s the seminal My So-Called Life, the original teen series that has influenced every teen soap and/or adventure series since. Next, there’s perhaps the best TVonDVD set ever released – The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume One. It’s the project that George Lucas is most proud of, and it show.

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Tate Donovan Interview: Damages’ Number Two Chair Speaks!

October 23, 2007

Damages Tate Donovan Interview EclipseMagazine.com Hollywood Insider 

One of the strongest legal shows in years features an utterly ruthless litigator named Patricia Hewes. Damages, which has its first season finale tonight [FX, 10/9C], is a drama that has gotten more and more twisted with each passing week. Recently we were fortunate enough to join a teleconference with Tate Donovan who plays Hewes’ number two man, Tom Shayes.

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Gone Baby Gone: If Wrong is Right, Is Right Wrong?

October 21, 2007

Gone Baby Gone EclipseMagazine.com Movie Review 

As I watched Ben Affleck’s directorial debut, two thoughts crossed my mind repeatedly: crime stories set in Boston are far nastier and grittier than those set anywhere else – and Thelonious Monk was right!

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The Tellybox: Farewell, BBC Television Centre

October 20, 2007

BBC Television Center Closing - EclipseMagazine.com Story

The BBC Television Centre in West London has been the home of BBC Television and News output for almost the last half-century. In an announcement on 18 October, BBC Director General Mark Thompson confirmed that this iconic building is to be sold off in a series of cost-cutting measures which include the loss of up to 2500 staff over the next six years.

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