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Baran – Iranian Film

April 30, 2002

Caught a screening of Baran (which means Rain in Farsi) last night. It is the story of an Iranian boy who falls for an Afghan girl and I thought it was a sweet film, but definitely not for the masses because it is a little bit on the slow side. The friend I took with me thought it was the most boring film he had ever seen.

I like seeing different cultures and was noticing the differences between the Iranians and the Afghans and got a kick out of the parallels between the illegal Afghan workers scattering when the inspectors made a surprise visit, just like illegal workers do when the INS makes raids in the US.

If you aren’t big into subtitled films, at least it isn’t dialogue heavy so there isn’t too much to read.


Anyone seeing the Screening of Hollywood Ending?

April 30, 2002

I am hoping to get into the preview tonight. Anyone else have tickets?

How do you feel about Woody Allen movies?

I personally like the guy. He seems nice and his movies are pretty funny.

Jason X – Anyone catch the screening?

April 30, 2002

Did anyone catch the screening of Jason X?

Ask Lilo and Stitch!

April 30, 2002

Ok, I’m speaking with the Lilo and Stitch folks tomorrow morning, but don’t know what to ask them. So, I’m going to put your questions to them tomorrow morning. So post them here.

Attend The Washington, DC Screening The New Guy!

April 30, 2002

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED!Come and hang with the EM gang, and meet the hosts of the new EMTV show. You can also be the first to see Columbia Pictures, “”The New Guy””, which stars DJ Quills and Eddie Griffin. The screening will be held in Washington, DC, Tuesday, May 7, 2002, at our super secret location. The movie opens Friday May 10, so you will be among the first in the country to see it. This film is rated PG-13.To qualify to win simply read the synopsis below and follow the instructions.

At Eastland High School, new guy Gil Harris is Mr. Popularity. Mysterious and charming, Gil has girls falling all over him and thugs scrambling to get his back. He’s got Eastland High in the palm of his hand. But Gil’s also got a secret. Not so long ago, at Rocky Creek High School, Gil, formerly known as Diz, was the resident loser. So how did lowly Diz become Gil, the hot new guy? With a simple plan, determination and the help of some unlikely friends, Diz makes an incredible transformation that works like a charm — that is until some students from Rocky Creek also make the transfer to Eastland… MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, language, crude humor and mild drug references. Release Date: May 10, 2002 Nationwide.STARRING -DJ Qualls Eliza Dushku Zooey Deschanel Lyle Lovett Eddie Griffin Ross Patterson Christa Campbell Horatio Sanz Parry Shen Sunny Mabrey CREWDirector: Ed Decter Producer: Mark Ciardi, Todd Garner, Gordon Gray Screenwriter: David Kendall Cinematographer: Michael D. O’Shea Executive Producer: John J. Strauss Ed Decter, Michael Fottrell, Greg Silverman CONTEST RULESWe’re going to try something a little different with our contests. We only have 40 admit 2 tickets for this screening. In order to qualify to win these free tickets, you must do something on the site, meaning; submit a review, or news story, post something in the forums, or comment on an article. And they must be real comments, so no one word posts will be accepted. We want to start rewarding loyalty and build an interactive and robust community that you all will enjoy being a part of. Once you make your comments send an email to with your UserID. Non-members must register to get your User ID.When you register you will automatically be registered to receive our fabulous semi weekly newsletter, and have access to other fun and exclusive features that are only available to registered users. Then on either Friday May 3rd, or Monday May 6th, look for the Email that contains the secret link to the pass.So, with all of that said, start participating. To register. Click Here To Register
Watch the Trailer
Visit The Official Website


April 30, 2002

Michelle, I was online the second you changed the format. Its amazing. I love the links at the top. Its a bit slow loading though. HEAVY IMPROVEMENT over before. What does everyone else think?


April 29, 2002

Michael Mann’s cinematic book report dissects only a decade in the life of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali (Will Smith), though the time frame chosen reflects most of the champ’s highs and lows. Beginning with his first world title fight against champion Sonny Liston, “”Ali”” meanders its way through matches, failed marriages and government crackdowns until we reach the “”Rumble in the Jungle”” in 1974.

The screenplay, from a story by Gregory Allen Howard, focuses primarily on two facets of Ali’s life – his religion and his sport – and relays them to us via the boxer’s relationships with two strong men: Malcolm X (Mario Van Peebles) and Howard Cosell (Jon Voight). How they met or became so close is left to our imaginations, though Ali’s respect for them is evident. The relationship with Cosell, a bond of mutual respect that fueled an on-air promotional circus from time to time, deserves its own movie – and the wonderful Voight would have to resume the role. Here, it is left in the shadows too often.””Ali,”” however, does pack plenty of punches, most notably the mesmerizing turn by Smith. Mann’s film, and Smith’s performance, must compete with the collective memories of boxing fans, as well as the highlight reels and outtakes shown year-round on ESPN. They display the real Ali – floating, stinging, and constantly singing his own praises. But I did see more than a few traces of Ali in Smith, and I learned more about both men as a result of the actor’s resounding performance. Smith provides the man with passion, pain, extreme confidence, and even fear (look for it when Ali faces the juggernaut of George Foreman in Africa).But once again, the director needs an editor. With “”Heat”” and “”The Insider,”” Mann has earned his reputation for lengthy prose, and “”Ali”” certainly goes the distance. At just under three hours, the film stutter-steps, bobs and weaves for 9 solid rounds, but tires just when the knockout punch should have been delivered. By the famed “”Rumble In The Jungle,”” a benchmark battle between an exonerated Ali and the relentless Foreman, the length and repetitiveness of the material was felt. Grade: BTHE EXTRASCall it trailer park trash, as Columbia TriStar’s DVD for Mann’s “Ali” offers nothing but trailers for this film, as well as the upcoming “Men In Black II” and “Spider-Man.” The video transfer is gorgeous, and Mann’s soundtrack punches up the already vibrant action. Still, the lack of extras is felt.Grade: DOVERALL EXPERIENCE: C“Ali” will be remembered for Smith’s compelling performance, but its much more than that. For anyone unfamiliar with the prominent sports figure (is that possible?), it’s a launching pad, but not nearly the comprehensive biographical piece it needed to be. By Sean O’ConnellApril 29, 2002

See you in a week

April 28, 2002

okay guys, this is it…will not be on for the rest of the day..if i do it will be to finish on the day we first met…put the next two up..just one chapter to go…i have another story in mind when i return…

have to do some packing and some last minute trip things and i leave for florida tomorrow at 10:40 am…first time i have been on a plane since 9/11 and i am told i have a lot of extra things to do…but let’s hope its all for the good of the airlines….

see you guys in a week…enjoy….will miss you…

TLC Singer Lisa Lopez Dies

April 28, 2002

TLC singer Lisa Lopes killed in car crash

ATLANTA (AP) â€â€? Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the effervescent, sometimes volatile rapping member of the Grammy-winning trio TLC, was killed in a car crash in Honduras, her record company said early Friday.

Lopes, 31, was in the Central American nation for a vacation, Arista Records’ senior vice president of publicity Laura Swanson told The Associated Press. Lopes was reportedly among seven people in the car Thursday night and the only fatality.

“No words can possibly express the sorrow and sadness I feel for this most devastating loss,” said Arista president L.A. Reid, who helped shape the career of the Atlanta-based R&B group, one of the best-selling female groups in history.

“Lisa was not only a gifted and talented musical inspiration, but more importantly, she was like a daughter to me. My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa’s family and friends. Her legacy will be remembered forever.”

The location of the car crash was not immediately determined. It was unclear whether she was wearing a seatbelt.

TLC, which also includes Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, were the group behind such hits as Waterfall, No Scrubs and Unpretty. Their latest album was FanMail.

“We had all grown up together and were as close as a family,” the surviving bandmates said in a statement Friday. “Today we have truly lost our sister.”

The group made its debut in 1992 with the disc Ooooooh … On the TLC Tip! Their unique sound, which paired Watkins and Thomas’ vocals with Lopes’ fast-paced, squeaky-voiced rhymes, made them an immediate sensation, along with their baggy, condom-attached wardrobe.

In 1994, they returned with CrazySexyCool â€â€? Lopes was dubbed the “crazy” member of the group, Thomas the “sexy” one and Watkins the “cool” one. The quadruple platinum album saw the women abandon their sometimes gimmicky image to evolve into a critically acclaimed group. The disc included the No. 1 hit Creep and won them the first two of their four Grammy Awards.

But with success came enough turmoil to fill a VH1 Behind the Music special. The trio declared bankruptcy a few years ago, citing poorly structured recording contracts.

In 1994, Lopes pleaded guilty to arson in a fire that destroyed the mansion of former Atlanta Falcons receiver Andre Rison, her boyfriend. Lopes was sentenced to a halfway house and five years probation, plus a $10,000 fine.

Lopes admitted she started the fire after an argument with Rison. The mansion was valued at more than $1 million. The two later broke up, only to reunite and break up again. However, last year they announced plans to marry.

Watkins was hospitalized several times, suffering from sickle cell anemia, a serious blood disease, and infighting among group members also was reported. In 2000, after the release of the triple-platinum disc FanMail, Lopes publicly challenged Watkins and Thomas to put out solo albums, and let fans determine who was the most popular group member.

But in an interview with the AP later that year, Watkins dismissed talk of a serious rift.

“With three women, you agree to disagree. I’m not always going to agree with Lisa and she’s not always going to agree with me, that’s fine,” she said.

TLC had been on hiatus, but had recently been in the studio working on a new record due to have been released this year. Lopes had tried to release her own album last year called Supernova; It was released internationally by Arista, but poor radio support for the record caused the project to be shelved in the United States.

Within in past few months, Lopes reportedly signed a solo deal with Suge Knight’s Death Row label to put out a solo project under the pseudonym, N.I.N.A. (New Identity Not Applicable). She also helped start the group Blaque, an R&B trio who had the hit Bring It Home To Me.

Arista spokeswoman Laura Swanson said that Lopes went frequently to Honduras to vacation.

“She just found it really peaceful and tranquil, and it was a very special place for her,” she said.

Her manager has flown to Honduras to bring her body back to the United States, Swanson said.

Great piece of music

April 28, 2002

For anyone looking for some great music to listen to try “An American Elegy” by Frank Tichelli. It is absolutely gorgeous. It was written for Columbine High School. There is a part about 7 minutes in where the entire ensemble plays long long short short long and according to notes that is “We are Columbine”.

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