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Win The Exorcist Trilogy on DVD!!!!!

August 31, 2004



TV on DVD: Ike: Countdown To D-Day – The A&E Masterpiece Is Released On DVD

August 31, 2004

One of the most fitting Memorial Day specials, this year, was A&E

TV on DVD: Star Trek – The Complete First Season… Okay! I’m Impressed!

August 30, 2004

This is one Trekkers around the world have been waiting for! At last, the first season of the original

What’s this movie title?

August 30, 2004

Damn it! I am going to post this. I’ve tried searching high and low but to no avail.

I am obsessed by the idea by now. I have to find this movie title I saw twosome years ago. I guess it was Michael Douglas, but I am not even so sure. Back then, I was not all too much in the habit of memorizing movie star names. At least not Michael Douglas. So, this movie I am trying to recall the title of is about a not-so-happily-married guy who’s got some dues in his marraige to bemoan.

One fine day, he meets this achingly gorgeous, absolutely stunning, voluptous cheese of a woman and falls for her. His besottment for her grabs the best of him and he finds himself chasing her like he’s bewitched. He’s surely spellbound by her. He approaches her to pay his addresses to which she declines at first, but then succumbs, showing great effort in dispelling her inhibitions.

Now they’re so much in love that he wants her for his life partner, so she incites him to kill her husband, a wealthy man, so they can inherit their legacy and wend their way to matrimonial bliss. Until then, their association has to face obscurity and deprivation, so the police won’t have knots to tie together. If I recall correctly they have a deal, he’s gotta kill his fancy lady’s husband, in return for her agreeing to rid him off his wife.

All of a sudden, his wife is missing and he doesn’t lodge it with the police ‘coz he knows his prayers are answered. The woman he’s expecting to marry has done it for the both of them, he thinks. To weed the last impediment to their unison, the guy, blinded by passion, does his part of the promise.

Soon after, he’s hounded by the cops under charges of murdering the man, his mistress’s husband. When he tries approaching the woman of his dreams, she pretends ignorance. She blatantly denies even knowing him. He has no proof now of their acquaintance, which was as mutually planned, to be covert.

He’s lost his wife and his imposing girl friend. When he finds himself trying to conjure an escape route, his missing wife, who he thought was dead, suddenly turns up out of the blue. She claims to have left him for some space she needed in their relationship. He’s in hot water now and begins to see how he’d been setup.His wife had hired his fancy lady, he realizes, to frame him for murder.

Any clue?

TV on DVD: Style, Wit and Absurdity – Must Be The New Avengers!

August 29, 2004

While most fans of the original

TV on DVD: Nero Wolfe – Two Geniuses, Two Egos – To Go!

August 29, 2004

The thing that most people miss about Rex Stout

Win A Copy of Atari Game’s “”Test Drive: Eve of Destruction!!””

August 27, 2004

Do you have an hankering for some aggressive driving? Well for god sake don

Michelle Talks Martial Arts Philosophy with Hero’s Bad Ass Donnie Yen!!!!

August 27, 2004

Donnie Yen, is one of those stars that people may not know his name, but if you are an martial arts action fan you’ve seen his face. He was the main bad ass in “”Highlander: End Game,”” you’ll recognize him from Crappy Tiger, he was one of the main heavy’s in Blade II, and in his latest flick “”Hero”” he is one of Jet Li’s rivals and opens the film with a blistering fight sequence that will be remembered for awhile. I recently set down with Yen and we talked about his background, Hong Kong film Choreography, his mother – herself a well know Martial Arts teacher and more!

EMI like to start all my interviews off, with my basic, overly broad question

TV on DVD: Benny Hill – Complete & Unadulterated – Unadulterated Clowning

August 27, 2004

Somewhere in the world, an episode of

TV on DVD: Harsh Realm – Virtual Games Can Be Deadly

August 27, 2004

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