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Spider-Man 2 Is One Sequel That Surpasses the Original In Every Way!!!

June 30, 2004

The biggest film of the year is now upon us and I


TV On DVD: Dawson’s Creek – Season Four – Teen Angst As Art Form

June 29, 2004


TV on DVD: South Park: Season Four – Potty-Mouthed Satire At Its Best

June 29, 2004

The fourth season of

Motown 45

June 29, 2004

I know that the special aired well over a month ago, but did anybody else seemed as bothered by it as me?

If the special was meant to celebrate 45 years of Motown then why was the show about Motown’s early days — something that couldn’t be done because most of the early acts are dead or unable to perform (ex. the Supreme’s minus Diana Ross)? Berry Gordy’s son, Rockwell, was a one hit wonder for Motown in the 80s. Rick James had a great career also in the 80s, Boyz II Men were great in the 90s, and even 98 Degrees had some hits in the late 90s. Why on Earth didn’t Stevie Wonder, who has his own record coming out, much like host Lionel Richie, sing his own songs?!??!?!

What was that special about?

“White Chicks”

June 29, 2004

“White Chicks” is a farts and racial humor comedy from the Wayans brothers. Story is the attempts by two bumbling black undercover FBI agents to blend into white Hamptons society by assuming the identities (and looks) of two rich sisters they were assigned to guard. There are some funny moments with an all too predictable plot. Gross humor and language.

GRADE = “B-“

More tangled webs for “”Spider-Man””

June 29, 2004

Early hype generated by dependable outlets (Newsweek, Variety) and unreliable online chat rooms placed

“The Chronicles of Riddick”

June 29, 2004

“The Chronicles of Riddick” is an overblown empty scific epic. The acting is atrocious, the weapons are ludicrous, the plot is simply stupid, and music is foreground. The special effects are excellent BUT that does not make a movie. Thandie Newton gets to wear some stunning costumes and hairdos; Alexa Davalos tries to imitate Sigourney Weaver in the Alien series; Judi Dench has the look of “What the hell am I doing here”. A candidate for the top ten worst movies of the year.

GRADE = “C-“

TV on DVD: CSI: Miami – New Town, New Team – Different Feel, Same High Quality

June 29, 2004

CSI: Miami is a classic procedural mystery, focusing on forensics that spun off from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation via backdoor pilot, three years ago. It immediately attracted attention for giving its audience marginally more character development than its parent show, and for the casting of David Caruso as Horatio Caine, the head of the Miami team. It held its audience by providing intelligent, well thought out mysteries and a totally different feel. “”CSI: Miami: The Complete First Season”” is evidence that quality can result in a hit series.

CSI: Miami

DVD Sales

June 29, 2004

Based on scraps of info from the Riddick and Spiderman threads I’ve been wondering… Just how much do the studios rely on DVD sales ? Dark made a great point that Sony has been milking the Spiderman cash cow via multiple DVD releases. EG also pointed out that Riddick may make its money back when it comes to the DVD(and PPV) sales. So I got to wondering… How much do the studios count on DVD sales to “save” a floundering flick or push that mega-flick up to ULTRA-mega-flick status ?

“White Chicks” and a “Black Dude”

June 29, 2004

I doubt I’ll go see the new movie White Chicks, but the transformation involved is really well done, I think. It got me to thinking… There was a movie, at least ten years old, where a white student transformed himself into an african american, so he could get a scholarship… or attend a university… Ok trivia buffs. Help me out. What was the name of the film ???