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TVonDVD: The Best of the Best – The Young Indiana Jones Adventures, Volume One; My So-Called Life: The Complete Series

October 28, 2007

 Young Indiana Jones & My So-Called Life - TVonDVD

This week two of the best TVonDVD sets ever hit the shelves. First, there’s the seminal My So-Called Life, the original teen series that has influenced every teen soap and/or adventure series since. Next, there’s perhaps the best TVonDVD set ever released – The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume One. It’s the project that George Lucas is most proud of, and it show.



Hey, Whaaaa???? This isn’t EclipseMagazine!

September 20, 2007

Well, we finally got everything migrated off of Drupal, we broke a few eggs to do it. Namely, I accidentally deleted our Television Category, but TV coverage is such a time sensitive thing, that I’m not going to lose any sleep over the fact that we don’t have a review of the premiere of Battlestar Gallactica from four years ago and some of our best Television Interviews will be featured in the brand new EM Book.

We also lost our forums and comments, which literally contained several hundred thousand posts and about 30,000 comments. I had a choice to make which was hold on to EM’s past glory or forge ahead. The old forums and comments dragged the system down they were difficult to port and the file sizes were huge. So after careful consideration and realizing that the forums have been taken over by spammers in the last several months, it was just time to slay the ghost to build for a better future. I know a lot of you will be upset, but it’ll give us all a chance to start with a clean slate. Also don’t fret, I do have a forum system available for the new platform and will set it up sometime in the next week. In the meantime check out the new design it’s a work in progress and I need to create our Blogroll and Expand our Network offerings and properly categorize about 2,500 articles, and format our Archives. But hey, no more buggyness. We can now focus on what we do best and that’s bring you great content and have you bitch at me. So have at it!

Site Changes – By Michelle Alexandria

September 15, 2007

Please ignore the mess, I’m finally switching EM over to a new system this weekend and am playing with a couple of different new looks.


Michael Shanks Mega Snake: Do Not Fear The Heart Of The Snake!

August 25, 2007

Michael Shanks - Star of Mega SnakeThe first Michael Shanks vehicle to air since Stargate SG-1 ended its run is a whacked out little Sci Fi Channel B-movie called Mega Snake [Sci Fi, Saturday, 9/8C] – and what could be more perfect for a B-movie than a giant snake? How about a blink or you’ll miss it appearance by Matthew Atherton as his Who Wants To Be A Superhero-winning character Feedback? Certainly, Mega Snake is all that and a bag of… well… something other than chips…


Flash Gordon Mania Continues with Our Exclusive Sci-Fi Channel Prize Pack Giveaway!

August 20, 2007

Hey Everyone, to celebrate the re-imagined Flash Gordon series our buds at the Sci-Fi Channel have given us an exclusive SCI-Fi Prize Pack to give away. The pack includes an Exclusive Comic-Con Flash Gordon T-Shirt, Eureka Season 1 DVD Set, Comic-Con Eureka T-Shirt and a Who Wants to be a Superhero Comic Book.

TNT’s Mini-Series The Company: When The World of Espionage Seemed To Be Black & White

August 4, 2007

The Company - PosterThe Company [TNT, the next three Sundays, 8/7C] is a cleverly constructed mini-series that uses the lives of three college friends to tell the story of the CIA from the early fifties through the fall of the Berlin Wall. Adapted from Robert Little’s novel, it concentrates on three major historical events: the Hungarian Uprising of 1956; the debacle of The Bay of Pigs, and the fall of Soviet Russia. The three week/six-hour mini-series begins with the recruiting of three college friends into the sadly inglorious world of spying…  (more…)

My Boys Goes 3-0 To Open Season Two!

July 29, 2007

My Boys - Cast PhotoMy Boys was one of the unexpected pleasures of last summer. The sitcom about a female Chicago sportswriter who covered Da Cubs, was often insightful without being preachy and melded moments of drama and humor in a manner that seemed effortless [but probably wasn’t]. P.J. Franklin and her boys return Monday [TBS, 10/9C] with a special two-episode premiere. P.J. and her boys have a number of traditions – but none more significant than their fantasy baseball league draft and hitting the park for opening day. This year, though, things will be a bit different…


The Death of Harvey: Adult Swim’s First Series Rolls To A Bone-Jarring End!

July 21, 2007

Harvey BirdmanIn December of 2000, The Cartoon Network created Adult Swim, a late-night weekend blast of animated irreverence and more-than-occasional mayhem that was aimed at older teens and young adults. Their first Adult Swim was Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law, a reworking of the Hanna-Barbera Super-hero series, Birdman that found Birdman giving up superheroics to defend the right in a courtroom. Now, six-and-a-half years and thirty-eight cases later, Sunday’s double-length episode [11:45/10:45C] brings the curtain down on the first and longest-running Adult Swim series.  (more…)

Mad Men is the News Series from the Producers of the Sopranos.

July 19, 2007

Mad Men is AMC’s provocative new original series from writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos. Set in 1960 New York, Mad Men pulls the viewer into an unexpected new world – the high-powered and glamorous “Golden Age” of advertising – where everyone is selling something and nothing is ever what you expect it to be. I have to be honest and admit, I can’t get too excited about a show that takes place in the 60s and doesn’t have any minorities in it. Check out a couple of clips, the series premiere is tonight at 10pm and will air Thursdays at 10. Check out the official website at . We do have these really cool Shakers to give away, so take a look at the show and then send me an email to with your UserID, Full name and Address to get one.

Monk & Psych: USA’s Friday Night Crimetime Duo Return!

July 12, 2007

Monk - Monk and NatalieFriday nights have become home to a couple of the USA’s most well-liked characters/detectives: Adrian Monk [Monk, 9/8C] and Shawn Spencer [Psych, 10/9C]. One’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder makes it possible for him to process clues and find the links that lead to the killer; the other’s childhood training – carefully hidden behind the claim that he’s psychic – has made him ultra-observant, seeing things that others routinely miss. Between Monk and Shawn, Friday nights have become the night for armchair detectives everywhere to settle in and dial up USA…


Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan kicks off Monk’s sixth season, which makes it one of USA’s longest running series. The episode revolves around the Marci Maven [Sarah Silverman], Monk’s self-proclaimed biggest fan. When her neighbor turns up murdered, her dog is implicated – even though the dog died three days before the murder!

Most of the mysteries on Monk are pretty easy to solve – at least to the audience. The fun of the show comes from watching Monk [Tony Shalhoub] and his sidekick/caregiver, Natalie [Traylor Howard] interact with the police and the suspects. Monk’s OCS make him the fussbudget’s fussbudget and his determination to overcome his many phobias and compulsions to find the culprit can be very entertaining.

This time out, Monk and Natalie try their best to avoid Marci until she actually shows them that her dog was dead and couldn’t possibly have killed her neighbor. One of the best parts of the house is watching Monk and Natalie as they visit Marci’s home. Practically every flat surface is dedicated to Monk: clippings of all his solved murders, photos, memorabilia [obtained through means we probably don’t want to know about…].

Once on the case, though, Monk is his usual determined self and, despite the mystery being more challenging than usual, solves it by the end of the second act – which allows the police [and especially Jason Gray-Stanford’s Lt. Randy Disher] to stand out [and in a manner that neatly ties together a subplot featuring the detective.

It’s good to see the show’s writing is still sharp as Monk enters its sixth season – especially since the series has faltered occasionally over the last couple of seasons. Shalhoub and Howard still exhibit remarkable chemistry and I’m sure that many of the show’s fans now prefer her to the departed Sharona [Bitty Schram].


Psych - Shawn & Gus


Psych opens its third season with a spoof of American Idol, American Duos. When the show’s requisite mean British judge, Nigel St. Nigel [Tim Curry] claims to be targeted for death and the police don’t listen, he hires Shawn [James Roday] and Gus [Dule´ Hill] to find his would-be assassin. The pair audition for the show to stay close to the panicky judge.

Part of the mystery is pretty easy top solve once you know a couple of important facts that are given early on, but making the all-important connections that link one would-be killer to another is a little more nebulous – and the resolution of that part of the puzzle is actually pretty cool.

Adding to the fun is Gina Gershon, who plays addled judge – and former rock ‘n’ roller – Emilina. Think a cross between an aging Suzi Quatro and Paula Abdul and you’ll be pretty much on target. An attempt on her life gives our heroes pause for a few moments but later revelations explain what happened while simultaneously leading Shawn and Gus to the team of miscreants [I’m pretty sure that having two killers was a way to poke fun at the American duos spoof of American idol – making it a more layered episode than usual].

Corbin Bernsen has a few great moments, too, when Shawn brings Nigel to dad’s house because no one would ever think to look for the high-strung epicure in a middle-class home. The bit about the bathrobe is one of the best comic bits in the series to date.

Doubting Thomas detective Carlton Lassiter [Timothy Omundson] gets a few shining moments, too. He may not entirely believe Shawn is a psychic, but he’s not as overt in his efforts to prove it. His scenes with Nigel are among the ep’s funniest. On the other hand, detective Juliet O’Hara [Maggie Lawson] is little more than a cheerleader here.

While most of the supporting cast get their moments, it’s Shawn and Gus’ two appearances on American Duos that really brings down the house – one because it’s truly awful, and the other because it’s actually pretty good.

It’s worth noting that, over the show’s first two seasons, Shawn has pretty much dispensed with his histrionics to presage a psychic revelation. This is a Very Good Thing. After the show’s first several eps, that particular brand of goofiness was wearing especially thin. The show is much more fun when he just kind of drops a revelation into the mix out of thin air.

Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan – Final Grade: B

Psych: American Duos – Final Grade: B+