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October 31, 2002

Once again, I am an avid fan speaking out. From what I saw Thurseday, it is going to be a slow season. I also feel as if Ross and Rachel are going to end up together even if I do not want them too. Here is an idea I thought of for Phebe, her lover guy that went to Russia, David i think, will come back. Anyway, anyone else have any thoughts…


Swept Away Kicked out of Theaters

October 31, 2002

FOX NEWS/Roger Friedman
Today is the last day you will be able to see Madonna in Swept Away at a
theater. So run, don’t walk, because in the future you will be relegated to
watching it on your DVD player.

At midnight, Sony’s Screen Gems division will pull the plug and remove one of
the biggest turkeys in history from its remaining screens after two highly
embarrassing weeks.

Not many theaters are involved, since Swept Away was only showing once a day in
many locations since last Friday � and that was to empty houses.

The Guy Ritchie-directed disaster is the absolute worst in a series of movies
starring Madonna that have ranged from mediocre to mortifying. The movie is
more than likely a $40 million write-off for its producer, Matthew Vaughn, who
also happens to the husband of supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Vaughn is also the
purported son of actor Robert Vaughn.

(He was born, by the way, the same year Carole King’s Tapestry album broke
chart records, so what do you expect? I have sneakers older than that.)

Still, the bad reviews and lack of audience have not stopped Madonna from
plotting her next movie. Reports are that she’s writing her own
autobiographical comedy. Oy vey! Madonna, please, please, please � cease and

The Santa Clause 2

October 31, 2002

We must have been very naughty this year. How else can you explain this cinematic lump of coal that

Redford May Reprise ‘Candidate’ Role

October 31, 2002

Hmm… I think I saw the first one but don’t remember too much about it…


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Robert Redford may reprise his role as an idealistic California politician in a sequel to his 1972 film “The Candidate.”

Redford, who was 35 the year the original film debuted, would play politician Bill McKay 30 years after the chaotic Senatorial campaign in the first movie.

Redford, now 65, and screenwriter Larry Gelbart, best known for his work on the TV series “MASH” â€â€? are currently developing a script, the trade newspaper Variety reported Thursday.

Redford executive produced and starred in the original film and likely would star in, produce and direct the sequel, according to the report. The late Michael Ritchie directed the first film.

Jeremy Larner, a speechwriter for 1968 presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy, claimed a 1973 screenwriting Oscar for the script to “The Candidate.”

Auto Focus

October 31, 2002

Bob Crane

Bowling For Columbine

October 31, 2002

When director Michael Moore gets mad, he shoots film. After GM laid off workers in Moore

“Ghost Ship”

October 31, 2002

[size=large][color=000099][font=Impact]Memo to : darksamurai[/font][/color][/size]

Would you “put up” the poster for this film?

Saw it last night when looking for
“Rules of Attraction” poster. Most
of your posters are now in the lobby
at 4000 Wisconsin.


October 31, 2002

Anyone interested in this film? You can check out the trailer at



Tons of Harry Potter Clippage!!!!

October 31, 2002

The folks at Counting Down has posted a bunch of clips from H.P. Damn them for scooping us! We’re not getting our EPKs until next week, grrrrr…After checking out some of these clips, I’m getting less and less thrilled at the possibility of seeing this. Now of course I’m a huge HP fan, but the more I see of the film, the less and less I like it.

So take a gander at these and let me know what you think. [url=]CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE CLIPS[/url]

Charlies Angels 2 – Full Throttle Teaser Poster

October 30, 2002

Hey Everyone,

Here’s the new Charlie’s Angels teaser poster. And it’s pretty sad. And will someone PLEASE explain the Cameron Diaz thing to me? For starters, she’s a horrible actress, and everyone keeps talking about her ass, which I don’t see what the big deal is. The trailer is available on Yahoo Movies, and it’s not doing anything for me. And I kinda dug the first Charlie’s Angels as the “kitschy bad” film that it is.