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Smallville– Season 2 Finale

May 31, 2003

I have to say, out of all the season finales this year, this was the best. It left us with major cliffhangers. Spoilers–

-Martha’s miscarriage… That was such a boneheaded move on Clark’s part. It’s a good thing they didn’t also literally lose the farm. Clark was really hard to like in this episode.

– Chloe’s partnership with Lionel… I think it’s a good way to go with her character. Except for that episode where she went bad, did she do anything *but* moon over Clark this season?

– Clark going to Metropolis as bad Clark…he’s going to cause some trouble, and I don’t see how drawing so much attention to himself will help him, especially with Chloe & Lionel keeping tabs on him now.

– Lex’s problem…. Helen wasn’t the innocent she made herself out to be! I was shocked, I thought the explosion from the ship would kill Helen. I just didn’t see that ending coming.


Angel – Just Not Feeling This Season

May 30, 2003

Ok, I just watched the last 5 episodes of Angel and I have to say, I’m just not feeling this season. It’s ok, but it’s not great. I didn’t like the whole Angeleus story arc, and the way it ended with the Beast being such a wimp and going from being this powerful big bad, to being treated like he’s some sort of buffoon.

The Evil Cordy stuff is just silly and almost unwatchable. I don’t like “electro girl.” What happened to the sense of “fun” and chemistry that was at the heart of the show? It’s just gone now. Everyone just seems to be going through the motions now..

To me a “hero” show always “Jumps the Shark” when the lead character goes bad for an episode. Well Angel went bad for what 4 episodes? And Cordy is evil, rumor has it Connor is going evil. It’s ridiculous and too much.

Dawson’s Creek Finale– SPOILERS!

May 30, 2003

What a great episode. Very moving and very well acted. I don’t like that a certain character had to die. She was always my favorite, but at least her death did something. It forced the Dawson/Joey/Pacey triangle to come to an end, and it gave Jack a happy ending. It would’ve angered me to have a death just for shock value. If only the past two seasons had been as well written.

Punk’d My New Favorite Show

May 29, 2003

Ok, I hate to admit this, but I’m really digging this new MTV Show Punk’d, it’s just funny and hysterical. Especially the little 8 year old kid on the Red Carpet bit, when he was ripping on Pauly Shore, classic.

Buffy Biography on A&E Tonight!!

May 28, 2003

A & E is doing a Biography on Buffy tonight (Wed 14th)
at 8pm EST. Check it out.


Jason Talks with Experimental Alternative Folk Rock Artist Nefrit El-Or!

May 28, 2003

Labeling Nefrit-El Or as alternative folk rock is probably about as accurate as you


May 28, 2003

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSEDEveryone sing, “”North to Alaska,”” where did that come from??? Sheesh. Maybe it’s the fact that we are going old school with our latest DVD Contest! You can win a set of 7 DVDs (almost $160 worth of new DVDs!) that includes new classics from John “”The Duke”” Wayne, and Fox’s fabulous War Classics series! To win, take a gander below, and follow the painfully simple contest rules.

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Tiffany Sanchez Looks at He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!

May 27, 2003

Arthur Ellis, leading psychotherapist, author, and founder of the Arthur Ellis Institute once said: “”The art of love is largely the art of persistence.”” And no one believes that more than Angelique, played by French actress Audrey Tautou in writer-director Laetitia Colombani’s He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, (

The Star Trek Nemesis DVD Does Not Disappoint!!! By Marvin Montgomery

May 27, 2003

First of all I want to admit upfront that I am a Trekkie. I don

Marvin Sees God in Bruce Almighty!!!

May 27, 2003

I am a closet Jim Carrey fan. I