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Lucky Number Slevin’s Director McGuigan talks with Eclipse!

March 31, 2006

One of the most crisply written films in quite some time, Lucky Number Slevin features Josh Hartnett and an all-star (or is it all-Oscar) cast, including Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis. The film’s director, Paul McGuigan, talked with Eclipse about how it all came together.

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Slither Puts The Creepy Back Into Horror-Comedy!

March 30, 2006


Horror Movies Need to Be Creepier: “Slither’s” James Gunn Talks To Eclipse

March 30, 2006

Heart of the Beholder – The Movie The Religious Right Didn’t Want Made!

March 29, 2006

The United States of America is a free country

How One Man’s American Dream Turned Into A Living Nightmare: Eclipse Speaks With Heart Of The Beholder’s Ken Tipton & Darlene Li

March 29, 2006

In the early-1980s, Ken Tipton took a big chance


March 28, 2006

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HELL has frozen over. Peter Jackson Talks to EclipseMagazine – Sort of…

March 28, 2006

Hey Everyone, who would of thunk it? In conjunction with our biiiig King Kong DVD give away, Peter jackson has circulated this interview to a few select websites that are participating in this Kong promotion. Universal wanted me to pass this interview off as our own, but I have a little more integrity and respect for our readers than that – not much, mind you, but a little. I did get a chance to talk exclusively with one of the heads and owners of WETA and will bring you that exclusive interview later this week, in the meantime check out this pretty cool semi-exclusive interview with the man himself, Peter Jackson.

One cannot imagine a more meteoric rise for a major motion-picture director than that of Peter Jackson, director of the new Universal Studios Home Entertainment DVD release of King Kong. Starting on low-budget horror films in his native New Zealand, including Bad Taste (1987), Meet the Feebles (1989), and Dead Alive (1992), Jackson scored an artistic success with Heavenly Creatures (1994) and moved to a larger canvas with The Frighteners (1996) before gaining international superstardom with his Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003).

Now, with Kong, he faced new technical and aesthetic challenges in both the execution of the classic story and in updating the timeless 1933 original film. In this exclusive interview, he discusses those challenges and being Kong

KING KONG is now on DVD and you can Win a Copy!!

March 28, 2006

Our friends at Universal Home Video gave us some copies of the brand new King Kong 2 Disk DVD Set to give away. To win these DVDs, read the press release below, subscribe to our brand new EMTV Podcast on iTunes (which will go live later this week), where you can watch extended footage and interviews from all the hot upcoming movies (and our 15 minute King Kong special), as well as watch game trailers, and our weekly DVD report. The podcast will be updated at least 2 times a week – starting later this week. Now read the press release below.


Universal City, California, February 27, 2006

MORE TREK!!! Win A Copy of the Amazing new Star Trek: The Fan Collective – Time Travel, DVD SET!!!!

March 28, 2006

Our friends at Paramount Home Video gave us copies of the way cool Star Trek: Fan Collective – Time Travel DVD Set to give away. To win these DVDs, read the synopsis below, subscribe to our brand new EMTV Podcast on iTunes (which will go live later this week), where you can watch extended footage and interviews from all the hot upcoming movies, as well as watch game trailers, and our weekly DVD report. The podcast will be updated at least 2 times a week – starting later this week. Now read the press release below.



Michelle Reviews Unknown White Male!

March 27, 2006

The debate surrounding the Documentary Unknown White Male is an intriguing one. Is this the real story of Doug Bruce a successful stock broker who one day woke up not knowing who he was? Filmmaker Rupert Murray has an intriguing subject and premise that would make for a good fictional film, which some believe this documentary to be.

We find out about Doug’s history and past as he does. What do we discover? That Bruce was a wealthy and successful New York stock broker who was born to an upper class family in England. His friends thought of him as someone who had a penchant for fast living and being generous with his money, as well as being slightly arrogant.

Due to his amnesia most of these character traits are no longer there, replaced by a man who is more introspective, less jaded and experiences everything for the first time, he now marvels at seeing fireworks or the ocean for the first time. He’s nervous meeting his father for the “first” time in 32 years.

As he meets his former friends he feels a strange sense of disconnect from them and guilty that he no longer has a connection with them. But did he ever really have as close a relationship to these people as they believe he did? One gets the feeling the answer is no. The old Doug seen in graining home video comes across as being detached from his surroundings, always looking for something and someone else. So perhaps his amnesia is a good chance for him to start a new life.

One of his friends comes out and says that Doug seems happy that he lost his memory that he’s able to decide which parts of his former life he wants to discard and which parts he wants to reintegrate. Another friend actually seems jealous that Doug gets to do this.

There are a few nice moments, like when he meets his godson for the first time or his reaction to a home movie that features himself and the director of the film.

Murray’s narration is awfully dry and emotionless. I don’t expect histrionics from Doug, his friends, girlfriend and family. But I want to see some emotion other than, “Doug, lost his memory, it was a little awkward.”

It would be nice to know if all of this was real or not. There are arguments that can be made for both sides, but at the end of the day I’d like to say it doesn’t matter, but labeling does matter and people are too dismissive when folks say Memoirs don’t have to be true or not. I’m going to take the filmmakers at their word and believe that this is a 100 percent true story.

As a true story, Unknown White Male is a sometimes interesting journey into Doug’s psyche. As a debate about whether our memories is what makes us who we are, the film is an interesting treatise on the subject, but it’s annoying strong lack of point of view leaves you feeling hollow and strangely cold. Everything about this documentary is low key, from its amateurish directorial style, to the boring monotone of everyone involved. It’s a missed opportunity.

Despite the fact that Doug has amnesia, there’s nothing really interesting about the guy or his friends that justifies spending 90 minutes with him. He lost his cynicism and his arrogance, wow.

Final Grade C-

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Posted 3/27/06