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Into the Wild, Music Video

October 9, 2007

Here’s a little music to brighten your day, it’s a music video from the recently released Into the Wild, which
has been getting some amazing notices. This is from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder’s “Hard Sun.”

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Into The Wild Music Video from Eddie Vedder


Steve Carlson – A Storyteller’s Music

July 11, 2007

Steve Carlson is an eclectic musician whose music is refreshingly uncommercial in its sound and presentation and has the kind of straight from the heart openness to it the likes of Jim Croce and Harry Chapin while combining that with the rollicking soul of rock music in its early days bringing to mind the energy and driving rhythm of Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly. Yet all of this is combined into a style of musical storytelling that is uniquely the heart of Steve Carlson.

In 2004 Steve Carlson formed The Steve Carlson Band along with Bassist Steve Dress, Drummer Timothy Jimenez and Saxophonist David Olivas. Together with his band and such noted guest back-up vocalist as musician Jason Manns and actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), The Steve Carlson Band released the highly successful CD Rolling On in 2005. Steve Carlson has recently released a new CD titled Grooving on the Inside, which was his first full length collaboration with Music Producer and friend Darrin Sher. Carlson is also busy recording his first Album for RCA Records titled Kane.

Eclipse Magazine caught up with musician Steve Carlson after his return from his recent trip to London where he performed with his band to talk about his upcoming East Coast concert dates and his return trip to London, this time going solo without his band. For London, Carlson already has a sold out show going on at Halfmoon Putney on Monday July 23rd at 9PM with another show scheduled at Barfly in London on Thursday July 26th at 9PM.

“I am really looking forward to my travels to the East Coast and England. I just got back from London and I feel a great sense of warmth from the crowds there” Carlson tells us about why he is returning to England and then going on to a gig in New York City at The Bitter End “I am playing these next few shows solo without my band. They will consist of myself and a guitar and will be very much a "storytellers" format.”

Steve Carlson is going to be very much ‘unplugged’ with his music at these solo concerts telling Eclipse that he may just jump on a stool and tell a few tales of inspiration. “It feels great every once and awhile to strip the songs down to how I wrote them,” Carlson says of his music. “It also allows me to set my own pace, at times even disregard time and tempo. I hope everyone who can make it out enjoys the set.”

For more information about Steve Carlson, check out his official website


Show Dates


Steve Carlson
Live and Unplugged
Where: Halfmoon Putney
When: Monday, July 23rd



Steve Carlson
Live and Unplugged
When: Thursday, July 26th at
Where: BARFLY (
49 Chalk
Farm Road,
London, NW1 8AN



Steve Carlson
Live and Unplugged
When: Wed, August 1 @ 9:00 PM
Where: The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
New York City, NY 10012






D.C. Promotions Company Mad Power Unit Teams Up with David Banner and Congressman Kendrick B. Meek to Aid the Victims of Hurrica

September 20, 2005

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, Washington, D.C. based promotions company Mad Power Unit, has joined forces with Hip Hop artist David Banner and Congressman Kendrick B. Meek to aid the Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Mad Power Unit wanted to be a part of making a difference during such a difficult time in this country. Mad Power Unit, who hosts nightly entertainment events in the Nation

Caribbean Reggae Fest Takes Over Miami

December 7, 2004

This year, Anchor Minott

Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest Gears Up For A Stellar Music Festival

June 24, 2004

Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest, the world

Flair Picks the Best and Worst Music of 2003

January 9, 2004

Every artist and their mother released an album in 2003. Overall, 2003 had a lot to offer musically. Remarkably, R&B and Hip Hop dominated the charts and sales in 2003. Hip Hop, a genre once considered controversial, violent and ghetto by the general populace, kindly allowed record labels/distributors to strike gold in 2003. One should never underestimate the power of music.

While a lot of 2003 releases were sensational, some releases were weak, lacking creativity and substance. As I have listened to hundreds of albums this year, it was quite difficult to come up with one best and worst list of 2003. Therefore, I decided to list the best and worst in three-music genres including; R&B/Soul, Hip Hop and Pop/Rock. For the genre of Reggae, I listed a Top 5. Because of the substantial quality of 2003

Alicia Keys Scores with “Diary,” by Flair

December 17, 2003

By definition, Alicia Keys is a musician. This element resonates throughout her sophomore gem,

Britney Spears Drifts Out-of-Bounds on Latest Release, In the Zone, by Flair

December 10, 2003

The general public equates Pop music with Britney Spears. She is the Queen of Teen Pop, making a flop virtually impossible. Her name alone is a guaranteed seller of records. Following in the steps of Spear

Flair looks at The 6th Annual Source Music Awards

November 11, 2003

In spite of a turbulent past, the 6th Annual Source Awards triumphed with a stellar event chock-full of appearances and performances by Hip Hop

Flair Digs Most of Seal’s Latest Album

October 16, 2003

In the early 90