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Bob Hopes dies at 100!

July 30, 2003

I thought that this man was gonna last forever!! He did live a good long life. I didn’t known that he was born in London to British parents til recently. My mother remember him entertaining the troops in the Vietnam War. Her oldest brother was in paratrooper in that war. She and her siblings grow up with Bob Hope.

Bob Hope Dies at 100
Jul 28, 9:57 AM EST

HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Bob Hope, ski jump-nosed master of the one-liner and favorite comedian of servicemen and presidents alike, has died, just two months after turning 100.

Hope died late Sunday of pneumonia at his home in Toluca Lake, with his family at his bedside, longtime publicist Ward Grant said Monday.

The nation’s most-honored comedian, Hope was a star in every category open to him â€â€? vaudeville, radio, television and film, most notably a string of “Road” movies with longtime friend Bing Crosby. For decades, he took his show on the road to bases around the world, boosting the morale of servicemen from World War II to the Gulf War.

President Bush said Monday that “the nation lost a great citizen” with Hope’s death.

“Bob Hope served our nation when he went to battlefields to entertain thousands of troops from different generations,” the president said. “We extend our prayers to his family. God bless his soul.”

Hope perfected the one-liner, peppering audiences with a fusillade of brief, topical gags.

“I bumped into Gerald Ford the other day. I said, `Pardon me.’ He said, `I don’t do that anymore.'”

He poked fun gently, without malice, and made himself the butt of many jokes. His golf scores and physical attributes, including his celebrated ski-jump nose, were frequent subjects:

“I want to tell you, I was built like an athlete once â€â€? big chest, hard stomach. Of course, that’s all behind me now.”

[size=medium][color=336633][font=Verdana]He would be terribly missed. Especially, for the USO[/font][/color][/size]


Liza Calls It Quits from lastest husband

July 29, 2003

by BeatBoxBetty

Well, it’s now official. While their lavish wedding was only 16 months ago, Liza Minnelli has called it quits with hubby David Gest. While rumors were circulating months ago that the 57-year-old singer and 49-year-old “promoter” were on their way out, Liza’s publicist has told reporters: “I can confirm that they’re separated, but that’s all I know.”

So what exactly drove the stake into the heart of this union? While gossip hounds scurry for a motive, The Sun is reporting that the straw that broke the marriage’s back was when Gest spilled the beans about her gaining weight on the British TV program “So Graham Norton Show.” According to the paper, Liza was absolutely mortified when Gest joked about how she became “hugely fat” while ill last year.

While Minnelli has pals like Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson to turn to, the future for her fourth hubby is a bit more uncertain. In addition to losing his meal ticket with Liza, his American Cinema Awards Foundation has also hit the skids and he hasn’t scored any points with the public.

[size=medium][color=FF3366][font=Courier]I wander how many more husbands will she have before she dies?![/font][/color][/size]

here’s some dirt on j lo, brad, jen & nicole

July 29, 2003

Demanding Diva
J.Lo causes more drama in Britain. Plus is Jen worried about Nicole?

She may have played a chambermaid in her last movie and she may claim she has more in common with her ‘domestic help’ character than her superstar persona — but Jennifer Lopez is far from us regular folk. And it’s becoming crystal clear that she has less and less sympathy for the ones who have to put up with her demanding diva ways.

Case in point: To promote Maid In Manhattan, our little Jenny recently dragged her entire entourage (rumored to be 20-35 people) to Britain where the gang checked into several luxury suites at London’s posh Metropolitan hotel. British papers claim her entourage included security guards, hairdressers, a personal fitness trainer, a dietary adviser and make-up artists.

The hotel management was — of course — presented with a very long list of demands which included Cristal champagne in her suite, white curtains, white linen, white lilies, humidifiers and pricey Diptique candles. Chefs were also put on high alert and told that Ms. Lopez wanted eggs for breakfast… but they were only to use egg whites.

Okay, fine — she’s a control freak — but here’s where it gets real funky. According to the UK’s The Mirror, Jen flew into a rage when she overheard hotel staff saying that she’d been checked into the same room used by P. Diddy the last time he was there. She said there was no way she’d stay in the same room as her ex and demanded that all of her baggage and chotckies be moved into another suite as far away from the one used by Mr. Diddy.

“The whole thing was a farce,” says a disgruntled staff member. “We had to lug all of her stuff from one room to another — it took forever. “It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t taken so long to do up the first room just the way she liked it… no one had the guts to tell her to grow up and stop being so silly. Everyone was just bending over backwards to keep her happy.”

Soon after throwing the fit at the hotel, J-Lo greeted fans outside the Maid In Manhattan premiere in London’s Leicester Square and claimed: “I started out in the Bronx, I know what it’s like to get on the train everyday, work 9-5 and have dreams and aspirations. I definitely see a lot of me in the character.” Yeah right.

This is coming from a diva who still has Germany spinning from her visit last week. On that little excursion she was once again accompanied by her huge staff — including, not one, but two eyebrow specialists, a hairdresser, color adviser, personal trainer and a ‘life’ coach. Perhaps someone should coach her that life is far more enjoyable the simpler you make it — at least on the servants!

Jen and Brad and the Curse of Kidman?
Holy smoke! Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman are becoming man and wife! Well, on the big screen anyway. Yep, the two are currently in negotiations to star in a new flick entitled Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which is about a bored married couple who add spice to their marriage when they find out they are enemy assassins hired to bump each other off.

All this news may be good for Brad Pitt fans, but it looks like Brad’s wife isn’t all that happy about it. While rumors spread that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s three-year marriage is in fragile condition, according to The Sun, the Friends star has told her friends, “This is the last thing I need, my husband spending lots of time alone filming with her.”

Not that she’s a hussy or anything, but it has been stated — more than once — that award-winning Kidman has a habit of hooking up with her co-stars. She was recently linked with her Cold Mountain co-star Jude Law, after word of his marriage to Sadie Frost was getting icy and there were tons of allegations about her and Ewan McGregor getting up-close and personal while filming Moulin Rouge.

All this background info probably doesn’t make Jennifer feel any more secure. In fact, a source tells The Sun, “She’s worrying herself sick and given recent events you can’t blame her. Nicole is irresistible to her leading men… Jennifer is very wary about Nicole. A lot of women in Hollywood are. Nicole is quite simply a man’s woman. Men simply adore her.” Let’s hope for Jen’s sake that Brad is no mere mortal!

Celebrity Bits and Pieces
Speaking of Brad… hey, maybe he can resist the temptation of a temptress; it looks like he already possesses super human powers. Hello magazine reports that the 39-year-old star was smoking a cigarette outside a Los Angeles restaurant when he spotted a car that was out of control and heading straight for a woman. She didn’t see it coming, but like some sort of superhero Brad sprang into action and pushed her out of the way. “I’m so happy to be alive, and even happier it was you that saved me,” said the woman. Brad’s modest response was “glad to be of service.”

Legendary singer Engelbert Humperdinck (66) recently confessed to People magazine that he has just one complaint about his female fans’ habit of throwing their panties onstage: “I usually think it’s a waste because none of the underwear fit me!”

Ken Park?

July 29, 2003

I just heard about this one, and only cos it was in the local newspaper. Anyone know about it, and if so, would you see it?

[b]Banned film draws big crowd[/b]

More than 200 people last night defied Australia’s censors by turning out for an underground screening of the controversially banned film, Ken Park.

A copy of the film, which was downloaded from the internet, was screened last night at a secret Sydney location without police action to close it down.

The crowd of more than 200 had been told of the screening by email and word of mouth over the past 24 hours in a bid to avoid publicity and police scrutiny.

The independent film was refused classification in May because of its depictions of teenage sex, incest and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

In a 6-1 decision, the board said Ken Park dealt with sexual matters “in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults”.

But one organiser, who asked not be named, said censors only enlivened the black market.

“I basically did this because they told me not to and I can’t see any good reason why I shouldn’t,” he told AAP.

“Democracy is about choice … we are consenting adults, we should be able to make up our own minds about that.”

He said the Office of Film and Literature Classification saw the issues in the film in black and white, and treated them as pornography.

“There was old people here, there was young people here, there was a mix of ages, and they have been prompted into discussion because they could make a choice and that’s what democracy should be,” he said.

Stephen, 34, of Woollahra, said there was no doubt about the film’s entertainment value although he could see why they banned it.

“I found some of the scenes a bit unnecessary,” he said.

However Ally, 30, of Alexandria, said Australian censors had banned the film unnecessarily, saying she had seen more confronting films released through mainstream cinemas in Australia.

“I think people are old enough to make their own judgments about what they do and don’t see,” she said.

Ally admitted that some scenes were quite shocking, including one where a young teen stabs his grandparents to death because his grandfather cheats at board games and his grandmother invades his privacy.

Daisy, 25, of Camperdown said while the film was confronting it was worth being shown.

“I think incest is still a topic that is taboo in our society,” she said.

“If seeing something like this helps make it less so than that’s a good thing.”

Earlier this month, a screening of the film at Balmain Town Hall was shut down by six police officers to howls of protest from more than 450 film fans.

No charges were laid against any of the organisers including film critic Margaret Pomeranz, although it’s believed five people received official cautions.

The law says individuals who show a film like Ken Park that’s been refused classification can face an $11,000 fine or up to one year in jail.

“”Spy Kids 3-D”” Can this really be Game Over?

July 28, 2003

With the assistance of some funky 3-D glasses, Robert Rodriguez

John Eddie

July 28, 2003

Anyone ever hear of John Eddie? He was popular in the north east as an indie artist back in the 80s, and seems to have recently reinvented himself as a thoughtful singer-songwriter. I ask because his song “play some skynrd” made me laugh more than the last five film comedies I saw. Anyone hear it yet?

“”La Femme’s”” First Season: Style Over Substance

July 25, 2003

From Warner Bros. comes

BAD BOY II Takes Over Box Office

July 24, 2003

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s new action flick, Bad BOYS II, has successfully blasted away competition to land on top of the box office – earning $46.7 million.

The buddy-cop movie took the number one spot from Johnny Depp’s buccaneer adventure, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, which earned $33.3 million. The weekend was extra sweet for film-maker Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced both of the top earners.

Chuck Viane, head of distribution for Disney, which released Pirates of the Caribbean, says, “To take the number one and two positions, which I don’t think any producer has ever done in history, it’s spectacular.”

The weekend’s other new wide releases had lukewarm debuts. Rowan Atkinson’s spy comedy, Johnny English, already a $100 million hit internationally, opened in fourth place with $9.3 million, while Mandy Moore’s teen drama, How To Deal, premiered at number eight with $5.8 million.

In limited release, director Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things opened strongly with $101,000 in five theaters. The film expands to more cinemas on August 1.

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[size=large][color=990066][font=Courier]This is one funny movie!! It is better than the first![/font][/color][/size]

What do you guys think of Jewel’s new look?

July 24, 2003

I was wondering what you guys thought of her new look, I mean first she’s all poetic and country and then all of a sudden she’s a siren? What do you think?

East of Eden

July 21, 2003

I recently started East of Eden by John Stienburg (sp?) and I love it. Its the book the brought the Opreah book club back. I have yet to finish is, but has anyone else read it???