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Getting It Straight from Staite: Jewel Staite Talks About Being On Board for Stargate Atlantis’ Fourth Season

October 19, 2007

Jewel Staite Stargate Atlantis Interview

“She’s a bit of a scaredy cat. She’s not very good in dire or violent situations. She scares easily, which is not such a good thing when you’re in the world of Atlantis. She’s really great under pressure though. I think that’s when she’s at her best, especially when she’s in her element; anything to do with medicine or a complicated medical situation she’s just there. She’s just on. She’s very, very, very smart and very focused.” (more…)


Stargate Atlantis Sneak Peak

October 6, 2007

Hey everyone, here is a sneak peak at tonight’s Stargate Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis Gives Friday a Sci-Fi Kick!

September 27, 2007

EclipseMagazine Review - Stargate Atlantis

Friday night marks the return of one of the most consistently entertaining sci-fi series: the Sci Fi Channel’s Stargate: Atlantis [10/9C], . Stargate: Atlantis kicks off its new series by welcoming SG-1’s Col. Samantha Carter aboard in the midst of death, destruction and mayhem. It’s definitely not just another day at the office! (more…)

David Hewlett Stargate Atlantis’ Cranky Canuck, Rodney Mckay Speaks!

September 26, 2007 Interview - David Hewlett

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with David Hewlett about the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis, and the how the changes affect everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Rodney McKay. While we talked mostly about season four of Atlantis, we got into horror movie geek mode; talked a bit about Doctor Who’s impact on his life, and also chatted about the making of his latest film, A Dog’s Breakfast.


Michael Shanks Mega Snake: Do Not Fear The Heart Of The Snake!

August 25, 2007

Michael Shanks - Star of Mega SnakeThe first Michael Shanks vehicle to air since Stargate SG-1 ended its run is a whacked out little Sci Fi Channel B-movie called Mega Snake [Sci Fi, Saturday, 9/8C] – and what could be more perfect for a B-movie than a giant snake? How about a blink or you’ll miss it appearance by Matthew Atherton as his Who Wants To Be A Superhero-winning character Feedback? Certainly, Mega Snake is all that and a bag of… well… something other than chips…


Finding Sanctuary: An Interview with Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler

August 11, 2007

“I am the most proud of this of anything I have ever done in my career.” After ten years as Colonel Samantha Carter on the now-cancelled science fiction show Stargate: SG1, not only has Amanda Tapping taken the leap into the Pegasus Galaxy to join the Stargate: Atlantis crew, but she is also focusing on a new venture, the fantasy drama Sanctuary, in which she stars as 153-year-old Dr Helen Magnus. (more…)

Original Stargate SG1 Cast Supporting CanStruction

February 24, 2007

 Paul Brown of Legend’s Memorablila announced today that original Stargate:SG-1 stars, Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christoper Judge are participating in Legend’s charity auction of SG1 props to raise money for Vancouver’s CanStruction event in support of the foodbanks of Greater Vancouver.

For the 2007,

Stargate:SG-1 Movies A Go

January 15, 2007

Michael Shanks In 3rd Stargate Series ‘Just a Rumor’

December 27, 2006

 Over the days before the Christmas holiday, rumors and ‘news items’ about a possible third Stargate series began to appear on various Stargate related sites. Both Gateworld and Stargate:SG-1 Solutions were posting news stories based on information garnered from anonymous ‘production sources’.

From Gateworld came the announcements that there is to be a third Stargate series added to the franchise and that MGM has officially put an end to plans for a season 11 of Stargate: SG-1. However when contacted about these two things for official comfirmation, MGM could not confirm either a new series in the works or cancellation of plans for a season 11 of Stargate: SG-1.


The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: Q&A with Morena Baccarin of ‘Firefly’ and ‘Stargate SG1’

July 24, 2006

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Morena Baccarin was raised in New York and attended the prestigious Juilliard School. Her role as the Companion, Inara, in the short-lived cult science fiction show ‘Firefly’ and its big-screen follow-up ‘Serenity’ has made her recognisable to sci-fi fans around the world. She is now appearing in the tenth season of ‘Stargate SG1’ as Adria, daughter of intergalactic maverick Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black). And there are hints in the wind that she will soon be taking on the lead role in a new version of ‘Wonderwoman’, a rumour neither confirmed nor denied by Morena Baccarin in this question and answer session with Carole Gordon.

CG: Your mother was an actor. Did you always want to follow her into acting?

MB: I never thought I was going to be an actor. My entire family was in the business in Brazil and I wanted to do something completely different. And look where I ended up?!

CG: What do you consider to be your best work?

MB: Some things here and there. A couple of scenes in ‘Firefly’ I really like. Like the one I tell the Captain I’m leaving. Also some plays I did in school because they are characters I probably won’t get to play for a long time.

CG: How did you get the role of Inara on ‘Firefly’?

MB: I auditioned for the casting directors in LA and then they had me wait around to meet Joss. After that I had to test for the network. It all happened very quickly since they were already a week into shooting.

CG: How would you describe Inara?

MB: She is an incredibly smart and studied woman with a very deep dark secret. She is someone that has seen a lot and carries the weight of her experiences with her. She is compassionate and at the same time resourceful.

CG: Inara’s relationship with Mal seemed at times antagonistic. Was it leading to something else if the show had continued?

MB: They are star-crossed lovers. Too stubborn to see past their own hang-ups. I have no idea what would have happened had the show gone on, but it would have been interesting.

CG: Were the cast shocked that Joss Whedon killed off Book and Wash in ‘Serenity’?

MB: Yes!

CG: Were the cast and producers happy with how ‘Serenity’ turned out?

MB: Yes!

CG: Any news on a follow-up series or movie?

MB: No.

CG: If the show were to return, what developments would you wish to see in Inara’s storyline?

MB: I’d like to see more of her past.

CG: What would you feel about continuing on the show without Wash and Book?

MB: I’m sure Joss would find a way to bring them back. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

CG: It’s often reported that the cast of ‘Firefly’ are very close. Do you all still keep in touch?

MB: Yes. We see each other every once in a while. At BBQ’s or lunches. We stay in touch for sure.

CG: Since then, you have appeared in ‘The OC’. Was it hard to move on after ‘Firefly’?

MB: I unfairly compare every experience to ‘Firefly’. Nothing quite equals it.

CG: You now have a recurring role on ‘Stargate SG1’ as Adria. Could you say something about this character?

MB: She is truly evil. It is so fun playing her. She is sure that her religion is the way and she won’t take no for an answer.

CG: How do you feel about playing the baddie?

MB: It allows a lot of freedom. I love the powers I got to play with.

CG: How did you approach the role?

MB: I had to do some research on who everybody was and what was my history since my character had already been introduced. ‘Stargate’ is confusing if you haven’t been watching the past few episodes. I had to get the names of all the kinds of people down.

CG: How do you get on with your “mother” (Claudia Black)?

MB: She is amazing. A very sweet person and an incredible actress. She was very welcoming and warm.

CG: How difficult was it stepping into a group like the SG1 cast and crew, many of whom have worked together for several years?

MB: They all made me feel very welcome. They know each other well and have a good rapport with one another, so they just opened the doors for me to step in.

CG: Do you have any anecdotes about filming with the Stargate team?

MB: There were a lot of World Cup soccer arguments going on. Being from Brazil I was sure we were going to win. I may have been a touch obnoxious about it. But it was all in good fun.

CG: Both ‘Firefly’ and ‘Stargate’ have very loyal fanbases. Is it scary to have such dedicated fans?

MB: No. I have certainly appreciated the encouragement. It was the fan base that got ‘Serenity’ going so…

CG: You have done a number of conventions. Have you had any memorable moments at a convention?

MB: There are always a couple of jerks here and there that can make you feel uncomfortable but for the most part people are very nice. It is fun to get a chance to meet face to face the people that are watching you.

CG: Do you think life is getting harder for actors these days? Are reality shows reducing the availability of roles for actors?

MB: Business is tough anywhere. I have experienced a lack of work overall. In TV and films. Hopefully the drought will end soon, with some sort of new media.

CG: Which current TV shows do you particularly admire?

MB: I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Boston Legal’.

CG: Are there any actors and directors you would particularly love to work with?

MB: The list is very long. Terrence Malick, Ralph Fiennes, Spielberg…. it doesn’t end.

CG: Do you have other projects in the pipeline?

MB: Hopefully!