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The Post-Game Analysis: Rock Rocks The Oscars®!

February 28, 2005

In the week


Robot Chicken: Stop-Action Action Figure Animation Takes No Prisoners!

February 27, 2005

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TVonDVD: Not Watching The Oscars®? Check Out These DVDS!

February 27, 2005

The Oscars®: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

February 26, 2005

In a desperate attempt to avoid losing viewers like every other awards show this year, the Academy has elected to go for the controversy

SuperBowl XXXIX Commercials

February 24, 2005

This is about the only time that I don’t mind watching the commercials. Any other time I would turn the TV. Some were so funny and others were a bit raunchy. Like Dennis Rodman and the one for Not neccessary. Totally not neccessary.

The funniest one for me is the Ameriquest one. The one where the man is trying to get dinner ready for his woman before she comes in. There is a cat that is all in the way as must cats are where you are doing something that needs your full attention. The guy is chopping up veggies and the cat jumps up near the store and knocks over a pot of tomatoe sauce. The cat gets into sauce on the floor. Just as he picks up the cat with red sauce on it, the woman walks in the door to see the guy holding up the cat in one hand and that big knife in the other.

That was so funny!! I fell over after that one!

I found a site that list all the commercials for SuperBowl 29. There are all here from what I see. For those who missed them.

[url=]SuperBowl Ads[/url]

Manga – Japanese Comics Make A Splash!

February 22, 2005

Manga [Japanese comic books/graphic novels] have begun to flood into North America in ever growing amounts. Why? Because they are created to entertain all age groups, and because they have a unique point of view. VIZ LLC, the largest publisher of manga and anime

The L Word: Not Quite Your Mother’s Classic Primetime Soap!

February 20, 2005

Every now and then we just need to get away from the medical shows and the legal shows, the police procedurals and spaceship shows

“”Constantine”” is Standard Supernatural Fare. Michelle’s Review

February 18, 2005

John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is having a bad week. It started off normally enough, with a hell demon trying to burrow his way through a teenage girl’s stomach to kill him, but then things got weird for him. So he takes a trip to hell to see what the 411 is down in the death realm.

He finds out that the devil’s son has possessed an illegal Mexican immigrant and plans on unleashing hell on earth by somehow mating with (I think) a powerful seer Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) who is trying to find out if her twin sister committed suicide. If all of this isn’t enough to put a frown on his face, he finds out he has lung cancer and the devil himself is looking forward to personally collecting him when his time comes. “”Constantine”” has a warped and confused theme about being anti-suicide, but then using suicide as a means of redemption, then there’s this weird twist at the end that comes out of nowhere and makes no sense due to the lack of build up. Director Francis Lawrence, who is primarily a music video director, doesn’t give this thing any sense of style. Sure it has its moments, but the visuals are standard for the genre, as a first time director (directing a major studio film) he does an adequate job, but plays it safe with his camera movements and editing. There’s one sequence in the middle of the film where the Weisz character is being ripped through buildings, it looks cool but it doesn’t make much sense. The cinematography is clean and crisp, but again it doesn’t try to push the envelope, it is pretty bland, boring and is just there.While the acting is fairly good, there is no chemistry between any of the cast members, and I’m sorry but Keanu just can’t carry a movie. The Matrix films were a success inspite of his involvement, and that was largely due to it’s ground breaking visual effects. Here, there is nothing that really draws you into the film, not his performance, the visuals or the story. “”Constantine”” based on the popular DC/Vertigo “”Hellblazer”” is an interesting mix of comic book graphic novel style visuals with standard genre story telling, and acting that’s fairly decent but not earth shattering. The film’s saving grace is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you will get a couple of good yucks out of the experience.In a word this is a movie that fans of the Supernatural genre should enjoy, but doesn’t strive to push the envelope and plays it safe, at the end of the day I suppose that’s ok. However, for non fans of the genre such as myself: this thing is instantly forgettable and doesn’t contain one memorable scene. Final Grade CEclipseMagazine Review by Michelle AlexandriaOriginally Posted 2/18/05

Michelle Sits Down With Martial Arts Sensation Tony Jaa!!!!

February 17, 2005

Once you take a look at the latest martial arts import, “”Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior”” you’ll understand why Tony Jaa is being billed as the next big thing in Martial Arts. Some of the stunts that he pulls off in this small film are amazing. Not because they are particularly original, but because he does them without the benefit of using wires. The man seems to be fearless, when you meet him in person it’s amazing how quiet unassuming this ball of energy and fierce power is.

We recently took part in a roundtable discussion with him and his interpreter. Out of everyone at the round table he liked me the best. I asked four of the questions in this interview, for snicks let’s see if you can guess which ones. The actual discussion took about one hour, here’s a little part of what we talked about. I may post a second part to this interview next week.QDo you think that if everyone in this room got up and rushed you, you could beat the hell out of us?TJ[laughs] No I don’t think I could be everybody because you all look so strong.QHow did you start to study Martial Arts?TJI first started when I was ten years old by watching films by Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee and of course the master Pa Nai. I would watch these films and practice on my own. I went to practice with Mast Pa Nai. I started apprenticed under him and started working on his sets as everything from Water Boy to Cooking to Stunt Double, etc

“Housewives” Takes Down Grammys

February 16, 2005

Anybody see this little tidbit about the Housewives and their effect on this year’s awards shows ? Too funny.

[url=,1,15925,00.html?tnews]”Housewives” Takes Down Grammys[/url]