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Sean endures “”Girl with a Pearl Earring”” ZZZZzzzzzzzzz……

January 30, 2004

Johannes Vermeer


“The Statement”

January 30, 2004

“The Statement” is an overly complicated chase film with many loose ends/plotholes. The opening is 1944 France in black and white and then moves to 1992 France in color. Plot follows a French collaborator who has been “at large” for these many years and is now being pursued by both assassins and the justice system. You do get to see various parts of France, though.

GRADE = “C-“


January 29, 2004

The fine folks at Paramount Home Video have given us a bunch of copies of “”The Fighting Temptations”” to give away. This is the first of three really cool Paramount DVD Giveaways. When this wraps, we’ll be giving away “”Star Trek: Voyager Season One,”” and “”School of Rock”” DVDs. So make us proud and get active.

This flick didn’t get the due that it deserved during it’s theatrical run, now is your chance to discover it on DVD. This title streets, February 3, 2004. To win “”The Fighting Temptations,”” read the press release below and follow the instructions.HOLLYWOOD, January 12, 2004


January 29, 2004

Our new friends at “”Showtime”” Networks have given us several copies of their hit new nighttime television series, “”Family Business”” to give away. The DVD set includes all the original season one episodes, a bunch of commentaries and more. To win the set read the press release below and follow the painfully simple instructions.

FAMILY BUSINESS SYNOPSISFamily Business is a new late night reality series from SHOWTIME about an average guy trying to make a living in the adult entertainment industry. A hilarious blend of real-life absurd situations and eccentric characters, Family Business focuses on the charismatic Adam Glasser and his alter ego, “”Seymore Butts,”” who has created over 70 popular adult films. This show is for adult audiences only. The show uncovers the naked truth of a family whose business just happens to be adult entertainment. Family Business centers around Adam, a proud single dad who runs the family business with his sometimes meddling but well meaning mom, Lila, and cantankerous cousin, Stevie. The series follows Adam as he faces the same problems that many people encounter – running his own company, juggling a hectic schedule and looking for the love of his life. Adam’s life is like anyone else’s–almost. As an adult film producer, director and actor, his everyday challenges may be a little more unique than yours or mine. But you wouldn’t believe the hard work that goes into auditioning hot new talent and shooting the perfect scene. The show is executive produced by Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner, part of the team behind the CBS series “”Big Brother,”” and directed by Jay Blumenfield and Anthony Marsh. THE CASTAdam Glasser (aka Seymore Butts) Adam has been making adult films for 12 years and is one of the premier creators of gonzo-style adult entertainment, with more than 70 films to his credit. He is a proud single father who runs his business along with his mother, Lila, and cousin, Stevie. Adam works hard to successfully juggle fatherhood, his career and the search for the love of his life.[pagebreak]Lila /U>Adam’s sweet and well-meaning mother, who handles the bookkeeping for her son’s business. Her goal is to find Adam the “”perfect”” woman. Cousin StevieAdam’s hilarious and sometimes frustrating cousin. Stevie runs the distribution side of Adam’s business, which at times involves doing some “” interesting”” things to get a movie made. THREE DISK SET INCLUDES All 10 Episodes (281 m) + bonus footage Episodes: Episode 1 – Personal AdsEpisode 2 – ReunionEpisode 3 – Casa de ButtsEpisode 4 – Sex ToysEpisode 5 – Strictly BiznASSEpisode 6 – Seymore’s Other ASSetsEpisode 7 – ASSistantEpisode 8 – Las VegASSEpisode 9 – I Want To Be An Adult Film StarEpisode 10 – Roller Disco BoogieSPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE:

“”Thirteen”” One of Last Year’s Must Watch Films, Now On DVD!

January 29, 2004

If you haven’t seen “”Thirteen”” yet you are in for an interesting ride. This story of a good teenage girl gone bad is an intense look at what happens when you are young, impressionable and fall under the wrong influence. What makes this film all the more amazing is the fact that it was written by the film’s star Nikki Reed, when she was thirteen.

While the performances by Holly Hunter, Evan Rachel Wood, and Nikki were strong, my major complaint about the film is the story. It played out like a shopping list of teenage angst clich

TV On DVD: Punk’d – Funny Stuff

January 29, 2004

If you need proof that Ashton Kutcher is an intelligent guy who is making the most of his opportunities, then look no farther than

Marvin Looks At the Star Trek VI Special Edition DVD!

January 29, 2004

You don

Those Wacky Golden Globes

January 25, 2004

Even if the Golden Globe Awards has had its scandals and debacles, it has also had moments of unexpected warmth and weird humor. Indeed, a large percentage of the show

2003 – The Best Mini-Series, Toons, Guilty Pleasures

January 24, 2004


Should you go on a date with “”Tad Hamilton””?

January 23, 2004