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The Craziest Question To Ask

May 31, 2002

I got the April Edition of Maxim Magazine. In the issue, it named Camelot as the best gentlemen’s club in DC. While it does have beautiful ladies, it has one small stage. I’ve seen better before. So, in your opinion, what’s the best strip club in this town?


What Spring Movie are you most looking forward to?

May 31, 2002

Since we’re working on our Spring movie preview section and movie database, what movie are you most looking forward to seeing over the next three months?

Matrix Movie News

May 31, 2002

Reeves Teases Matrix Sequels — SciFi Wire
Saturday, May 25, 2002
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(from SciFi Wire

Keanu Reeves, who reprises the role of Neo in the upcoming sequel films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, told SCI FI Wire that his newly powerful character faces stiff challenges and continues his journey of discovery in the new films. “The brothers [writer-directors Andy and Larry Wachowski] have put up some great obstacles to test those powers, and the story kind of goes outside of the Matrix and starts to concern itself with the machines in Zion,” Reeves said at a press conference at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney, where the films are currently in production.

Reeves added, “So it’s almost [that] what he can do in the Matrix is not enough. And he’s still on the path of discovery and choice. He’s told by the Oracle that … he has some choices that he’ll have to make that will affect the survival of the human race. And there are some hardships. And all of us are trying to save the world. And the development between Neo and Trinity [Carrie-Anne Moss] is explored, and with Morpheus [Laurence Fishburne] and [Agent] Smith [Hugo Weaving]. And so I think that’s just about it. It’s the development of the hero journey for my character, which is new challenges and choices. And it’s not so much about being born. He wanted to find out where he was. Now he knows. Or he thinks he knows.”

For his part, producer Joel Silver promised to reporters that the visual effects in the two sequels will outdo anything seen in movies so far. “When we made the first movie … we didn’t have an enormous amount of money to work with, and the boys had very strict ideas about a specific visual effect that they wanted to explore, and they ended up using it four times in the picture, and … we called it … bullet time. And it was during the Stone Age. It was a Stone Age effect. … And immediately when the movie opened, we saw repetitions of that. … Television commercials came first. They were the first out. And then we began seeing it in a few movies here and there. And then every movie. And it wasn’t just the visual effects that were being stolen. … It was the way the boys staged, shot, cut, moved the camera. It was pretty much everything they did began to be copied in every other movie.”

Were the Wachowskis flattered? “For a while … I bet they thought it was flattering,” Silver said. “But after a while, they kind of got angry about it. So they decided that, in these two movies, they would create visual effects that could never be copied. So we have done visual effects for the movie that, because of the time that we took to make them and the cost, will never be seen again. So I really think that the bar has been raised so high that, you know, there is no bar. This will end the way movies have been made up to now, because they can go no further. The computer is allowing us to do things that we never dreamed we could do before. … The [first film’s] bullet-time sequences … were the beginning, the embryonic stage of what computers could do. It’s just now at such a level that they can do anything they want. And the great thing about it is that … the guys have enough intellect and understand the process enough so they are able to create an arena that this stuff can exist in that could not exist anywhere else.”

Both films will shoot for another two months or so. The Matrix Reloaded is eyeing a May 2003 release; Revolutions may open in the fall of 2003.

ET Rerelease? Anyone buying into the hype?

May 31, 2002

Anyone actually going to see the re-release of ET? Does anyone even like this film? I vaguely remember seeing it when I was a kid, and distinctly not liking it. So I can’t say that I’m really looking forward to seeing it, especially since I’m not that big a fan of Steven Spielberg.

Ya Ya?

May 31, 2002

Anyone interested in this? Or see this already?

mischief the movie (is like fast and furious)

May 31, 2002

this movie isn’t going into theaters but you should buy it because it’s exactly like fast and furious but it’s realy life. it’s people filming drag races of ferrari’s and other great souped up cars with hydrolics. this shows how the drag racing life realy is

Ally McBeal – GONE!!!!!

May 31, 2002

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Ally McBeal is gone. Na, na, na, hey, hey, goodbye! I never got the Ally McBeal hype, always thought it was an overrated show, and now it’s gone. Now maybe Calista Flockheart can now eat something.

favorite rappers and why?

May 31, 2002

my moms friend says “that if snoop dog wasn’t a raper people would think he’s gay because of his voice” i think thats right and i think eminem is pretty good but my favorite rapperhas to be either dr.dre or ja rule


May 31, 2002

This movie was great!! I was not impressed by the previews/ads I had seen on TV and thought the movie would be stupid, but it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

It is so great to see a movie about a woman who fights back and wins!! The women in the audience tonight thought so too!!

The movie made me think that all women should take a self defense class to protect themselves. I know I will be looking in to it.

Suggestion for a Forum: Rating Local Movie Theaters

May 31, 2002


As a long-time DC area native, I’m pretty much familiar with the best & worst theaters in the area, but I bet those new to the area would like some guidance and even us veterans have not been to every screen andtried every popcorm so let’s get posting our best/worsts.

My best overall: Mazza Gallery – convenient to get to, lots of places to eat nearby, clean, stadium-style seating, and goodvariety of movies
My worst overall: Dupont Circle Janus (now leaving)
My favorite for atmosphere: Visions Cinema (great bar area, music, and food choices)
My favorite for meeting up with out-of-towners and friends: AMC Union Station (easy to get too, cheap eats nearby-lierally 🙂

That’s just toget things started…
– KJ