Stargate Atlantis Gives Friday a Sci-Fi Kick!

EclipseMagazine Review - Stargate Atlantis

Friday night marks the return of one of the most consistently entertaining sci-fi series: the Sci Fi Channel’s Stargate: Atlantis [10/9C], . Stargate: Atlantis kicks off its new series by welcoming SG-1’s Col. Samantha Carter aboard in the midst of death, destruction and mayhem. It’s definitely not just another day at the office! Stargate: Atlantis: Lost In SpaceAt the end of season three, the Atlantis mission had found themselves under attack by the Replicators. In order to escape the Replicator barrage, Rodney McKay [David Hewlett] had worked out a way to take the city not only into space, but hyperspace! Unfortunately, this required more power than he had expected and they had to lower the shields to reach that level. The ploy worked, but as the city left began to take off, the central tower was grazed by a Replicator beam and the resultant explosion caused a lot of damage – not least of all the mission commander, Dr. Elizabeth Weir [Torri Higginson].

As the season premiere, Adrift, opens, Atlantis has fallen out of hyperspace lightyears from anywhere, and Dr. Weir is in sickbay in extremely critical condition. Dr. Keller [Jewel Staite] has done everything she can to save Weir, but it looks grim.

Meanwhile, Rodney has to explain to Lt. Col. John Shepard [Joe Flanigan] that the Replicator beamed damaged several crucial power conduits and they are leaking power to such an extent that the city’s power will soon drop beneath the required level to re-enter hyperspace. As this is happening, Col. Samantha Carter [Amanda Tapping] has become concerned about the lack of communication from Atlantis and is mounting a search mission to find them.

As David Hewlett mentioned in our recent interview, Atlantis is hit with explosions, asteroids, death and destruction. The action is fast and furious and strange things are happening – not the least of which is Rodney’s plan to save Weir’s life – a plan that has truly odd and serious consequences in the season’s second episode.

Adrift and Lifeline, the two-part season opener, are crammed with action, suspense and a potentially deadly mission to the Replicator homeworld. I’ll say that again – the Replicator homeworld. There’s nothing lazy about these guys! And that mission will have complex consequences that will change the balance between Replicators, The Wraith and the good folks of Atlantis.

For good old-fashioned skiffy fun, Stargate: Atlantis is still one of the most entertaining shows around. The writing seems simple and straightforward, but always manages to skew slightly in on direction or another – invariably creating more suspense than expected. The cast is completely at home with each other and has terrific chemistry. The F/X remain among the best on TV. With the cast changes that have been made, it feels like the show has made a play for the next level.

Final Grade: B+


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