Hey, Whaaaa???? This isn’t EclipseMagazine!

Well, we finally got everything migrated off of Drupal, we broke a few eggs to do it. Namely, I accidentally deleted our Television Category, but TV coverage is such a time sensitive thing, that I’m not going to lose any sleep over the fact that we don’t have a review of the premiere of Battlestar Gallactica from four years ago and some of our best Television Interviews will be featured in the brand new EM Book.

We also lost our forums and comments, which literally contained several hundred thousand posts and about 30,000 comments. I had a choice to make which was hold on to EM’s past glory or forge ahead. The old forums and comments dragged the system down they were difficult to port and the file sizes were huge. So after careful consideration and realizing that the forums have been taken over by spammers in the last several months, it was just time to slay the ghost to build for a better future. I know a lot of you will be upset, but it’ll give us all a chance to start with a clean slate. Also don’t fret, I do have a forum system available for the new platform and will set it up sometime in the next week. In the meantime check out the new design it’s a work in progress and I need to create our Blogroll and Expand our Network offerings and properly categorize about 2,500 articles, and format our Archives. But hey, no more buggyness. We can now focus on what we do best and that’s bring you great content and have you bitch at me. So have at it!


No Responses to “Hey, Whaaaa???? This isn’t EclipseMagazine!”

  1. solfan68 Says:

    I’ve got to say, I really like the new format. A similar look, but much cleaner. Here’s to more great content from EM !!!

  2. jimorris Says:

    Like the new look.

    The “buttons” at the top have disappeared, but the links are there. The “HOME” one would be very helpful to see.

    In the previous version, the last one had something like “BLOG for US” and you might was to change the “US” to “Us” to be consistent with the other buttons.

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