Flash Gordon Mania Starts Today With a Photo Journey from Michelle’s Recent Set Visit!!

Flash Gordon Mania Starts Today With a Photo Journey from Michelle's Recent Set Visit!!It’s a big week for Flash Gordon fans. The Sci-Fi channel’s long awaited debut of the brand new Gordon hits the small screen this Friday at 9pm EST. But before we get to this blessed event, you have to stick with EM’s five days of Flash! We have an exclusive interview with one of the stars of the show, video Q and A with the Cast and Crew from my recent set visit. A Look at the brand new Flash Gordon Remastered DVD and more surprises. We’re going to start off the week with a look at the Flash Gordon Set. Last month I was in Canada visiting the set and had a chance to partake in an extensive Q and A with the cast. We took lots of photos, here’s a sneak peak at the sets and cast from Sci-Fi’s recent Digital Press tour. Flash, ahaaaaa!!!! 

Karen Cliche is Baylin. Baylin was Ming’s most valuable bounty hunter. Cast out at an early age from her tribe, the Verden, Baylin learned to survive on her ownÉ she had to. Fiercely independent, with a strong personal code of honor, she is a force to be reckoned with. As dangerous as she is beautiful, Baylin joins Flash and Dale on Earth as they battle the evil forces of Mongo.

Eric Johnson stars As Flash Gordon. Gordon used to be just an average, all-American guy. That is, until he fell through an interdimensional rift in space and found himself on the planet Mongo.

Gina Holden is Dale Arden. Dale Arden was Flash’s high school sweetheart, until she left for college while he stayed home. Dale now works as a reporter for the hometown television station. Although she is now engaged, there is still an undeniable chemistry between Dale and Flash. Always hard-working and driven, Dale juggles her professional responsibilities and her Mongo adventures with Flash, all the while struggling to keep the truth from her fiancé.

Jody Racicot is The brilliant but quirky scientist, Hans Zarkov, worked with Flash’s father, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, on the mysterious Portage Initiative. Since seeing Dr. Gordon disappear through the rift to Mongo, Zarkov has been hard at work in his secluded laboratory, obsessed with finding out all he can about the phenomenon that claimed his beloved mentor and colleague.

One of the Producers tells us about Dale Arden’s home set.
We tour Prince Aura’s bedroom.

height = “400” width = “600”>The chief costume designer proudly shows off her creations and gives us a history lesson to boot!

height = “400” width = “600”>A nice shot of Dale’s Earth Apartment. If this rooms rocking, don’t come a knocking! In a weird twist the show will spend quite a lot of time between Earth and Mongo.

height = “400” width = “600”>The Cast Pose for Pictures

height = “400” width = “600”>Another shot of the show’s costumes



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