Jason Behr Talks Skinwalkers, Roswell Rumors, D War and more with EclipseMagazine.com’s Michelle Alexandria!

Jason Behr Talks Skinwalkers, Roswell, D War and more with EclipseMagazine.comEvery time I get into one of those, I’m tired of running EM and want to shut everything down moods, I’m reminded of why this is a cool gig. For instance last week I was on the set of Numbers and got a chance to watch the great Tony Scott work, then the next day I’m at Comic-Con sitting in a room with the cast of Heroes and The Bionic Woman, then this week I get a chance to sit down with Jason Behr of Roswell fame. I used to be obsessed with that show so to get a chance to sit down and have a chat with Jason was a unique experience. And hey, it even occurred on my birthday, how ironic was that? Jason’s doing the rounds for his latest flick, the Werewolf film Skinwalkers and we talked about that film, his upcoming D War project and of course Roswell. 

He was in an exceedingly good mood, when he walked in he joked, “The big bad wolf has arrived.” For all you Jason fan girls, there’s a graphic sex scene in the film where we get a nice shot of Jason’s naked ass.

[b]I gotta ask, was that all you?[/b]

All me, all wolf, all day, all night, stunts, guns, motorcycles. I would do it all again, I had the time of my life.

[b]What was it about this that excited you so much? Stan [Winston] was telling us how much you really loved this.[/b]

If you are going to do a Werewolf movie, I can’t think of anyone else you would want to do it with. He’s a legend, a genius and he’s always wanted to do a werewolf movie since he was a little kid. It’s why he got into the business. So that attention to detail and passion to everything that he does made us want to be even better. With that said, I’m doing things that I’ve never been able to do before in my life. Like shoot guns and ride motorcycles and do all of these stunts. It was the time of my life as an actor.

[b]Filmmaking is a serious business, but I get the sense that you didn’t take it too seriously.[/b]

You can’t take yourself in life too seriously. But what was really great about this project is you get to play everything full out. It’s like when you are a kid in school and you get to play at the playground. You were given permission because it’s this genre film and it’s a fantasy, so you are able to be free.

[b]How do you walk that fine line between having fun and camp?[/b]

That is the line you have to toe. You have to have a sense of humor about some of it. We relied on our director to reign us back in if we got to over the top.

[b]How was it working with all of that makeup?[/b]

It was a challenge because Stan had created a great Wolf suit to wear. It allowed you to complete freedom to move able physically. But once you put those glove on, those teeth, and eyes end, you do have permission to become as primal and instinctive as you can. That said it’s incredibly hard to see what you are doing.

We had a world class stunt team. Some of the most challenging things was doing all the wire work and trusting your acting partner to know what they are doing when you only see a limited area.

[b]What did you have to cut out to get a PG-13?[/b]

I don’t really know what was cut out to get the PG-13, that’s really a question for Stan.

[b]How did you get a PG-13 with that scene [As previously hinted at, there’s a pretty
Raw sex scene in the film]?[/b]

I don’t know, isn’t it amazing? I don’t really understand the ratings board.

[b][I couldn’t help but interrupt] Of course you know what scene I’m talking about?[/b]

The one where I’m shooting the guns right? The one where we’re eating breakfast? I don’t know exactly what goes into whether something gets a PG-13 or R, I know there’s a certain number of fucks, shits, and ass you can say before you get an R.

[b]That was pretty graphic….[/b]

It was supposed to be very primal, very raw, very free…

[b]How did you prepare for the film? I read somewhere that you were hanging with wolves at the zoo or something.[/b]

I was definitely a man running with wolves. I started off by watching documentaries. Then I went to the Toronto Zoo to see what they were like. That really polarized how I felt – seeing these creatures being wild and free and just being a wolf, and watching that pack dynamic. When you see them in a Zoo, you see that their nature was compressed and not free. I could almost see in front of me the how it wasn’t in their nature to be cage.

[b]I have to say, I used to be obsessed with Roswell. Can you please tell us what worked with that show, why did it fall apart, and would you ever consider doing a reunion?[/b]

I think what worked was taking something like the idea of life beyond ours on this planet and metaphorically speaking showing the discoveries that we have as in adolescence. It humanized that feeling of being alienated and like no one can understand you. It took things like the first kiss and made it metaphorical.

Would I do another…absolutely! I’ve heard rumors about it, but I’ve never seen a script and until that happens I couldn’t say yeah or nay. I’ve had a wonderful time with that experience and learned so much.

[b]Do you still keep in touch with Katherine Heigl? [Ed note – Jason and Katherine were
A couple during the filming of Roswell][/b]

You know I’ve seen everyone out and about now and then. But everyone is so busy that it’s hard to keep in touch like you might want to.

[b]Were you filming over Halloween?[/b]

Yeah, we were, and we so badly wanted to go out and show up on someone’s door and say “Trick or Treat? Give me a can of beer.” Stan had created such a real lifelike werewolf that we thought we would be shot at or cause a panic in downtown Toronto.

[b]How long were you in make up for?[/b]

I don’t really know, I think it was 4 or 5 hrs. It started off long, but as the days progress it got shorter and shorter. It really didn’t matter to me, because I felt like as it was happening I was going through my own transformation. And I had Stan Winston working on me, as an I actor I was just like wow.

[b]What else are you working on?[/b]

I did a movie called Senseless based on the Novel about a businessman in Europe who is taken hostage. His entire captivity is held online. They are systematically taking away his senses as a way to make money and for entertainment. I did D-War which is coming out next month, and I did a film called the The Tattooist about this world traveling Tattoo article about someone who gets involved with ghosts and Frost an Independent character driven film.

[b]What sort of projects attract?[/b]

I like to keep things that are interesting to myself I’m drawn to story driven pieces, whether it’s a big budget or little indie piece. If the story is there, so will I.

[b]Would you prefer the Big Budget or the Character?[/b]

I’ve had great experiences with both. I’m not afraid to get in there and role up my sleeve and do it.

[b]Could you talk a little about D-War.[/b]

I play a character name Ethan Kendrick who is a television reporter. He’s told at a young age that his destiny, fate, is somehow related to this ancient Korean legend. There is a warrior or hero in Ethan somewhere.

[b]How do you like being out in the Wild, having to find projects instead of the steadiness of Television?[/b]

I really like do prefer taking 3 months to really immerse myself in a Character or Story and playing full out, then washing my hands of it to move on to the next thing.

[b]So Comic Con happened and they did a little push. Did you go down there for that?[/b]

Oh yeah, I was there for both movies. It was a great experience. It was the first time that I got to walk on the floor to see all the crazy booths and all the stuff that they have.

[b]What is it like watching the show floor as a celebrity?[/b]

It was really cool, everyone was very complimentary and respectful.

[b]No strange moments? [/b]

You’d think, but no, none at all.

[b]Did you keep anything from Skinwalkers?[/b]

I kept all of my teeth. Every stage, they are real, I could take a chunk out of someone with them.
Natasha bit me in the lip once.

[b]Was this during the PG-13 Sex Scene?[/b]

As far as I know.

[b]Skinwalkers opens Friday, August 10, 2007[/b]


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EM Feature Story by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Posted 8/5/07


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