Live Earth Is About Network Branding and NOT Global Warming or The Concerts!

Live Earth Is About Network Branding It doesn’t pay to look forward to watching these massive all day concerts as long as single big media companies own the broadcasting rights. I don’t particularly care about the causes, but I do want to see a good show and these media conglomerates have proven that they have no freaking clue how to broadcast these things. A few years ago there was the useless G8 concerts that featured many of the same activist performers that are playing today. Then Viacom held the rights to the broadcast and proceeded to totally butcher it, causing a huge outcry amongst the viewers, forcing MTV to rerun the concerts the following weekend commercially free.

Now a couple of years later, NBC Universal has the rights to broadcast Live Earth, which brings together many of today’s top starts on seven different Continents from Philadelphia to London to Rio. Acts like The Black Eyed Peas, Genesis, Duran Duran (who look old as heck), Madonna, Shakira, and more for a 24 hour extravaganza of music and preaching about the Earth and Global Warming. I can deal with the preaching as long as we get the music to go with it.

I started watching at 6am Saturday morning and by about 8 AM I was thoroughly fed-up with the incessant commercials. All week, MSNBC said that they were going to broadcast it all day, and there’s no coverage at all on that network, just their damn Predator series. The only two NBC/Universal Networks running the entire concert are Bravo and Sundance. So I picked the Sundance channel thinking they couldn’t possibly do a worse job than MTV did Live 8, boy was I wrong. I’ve lost all respect for the Sundance Channel. They are running commercials almost literally after EVERY freaking song!

And sometimes in the middle of a song, Shikara performed several songs, but the only one they actually featured in full was the Hips Don’t Lie performance, The Black Eyed Peas they showed Where Is The Love and an awful new song written especially for Al Gore, and cut most of Fergie’s solo to promote their own programming. If I was Elvis I would shoot the TV if I see that pompous Robert Redford promoting his environmental show "The Green" or their stupid Abby Road show one more time.

This is the freaking Sundance Channel it isn’t like they actually have any PROGRAMMING! So after two hours of this, I gave up and switched to the Bravo Network and they aren’t showing any performances at all, just two vapid hosts talking to celebrities about their environmental efforts and hey, here’s another crappy short about the last two polar bears on earth.

Show me some music performances. They have over 100 different performers playing all over the world and we can only get maybe 4 live performances each hour? This is a joke. At 10 am, I’m bailing on this crap and vow never to watch or try and look forward to another of these events.



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