Toshiba To Out Mainstream Notebook Computers with HD DVD Playback

Toshiba's New Qosmio G45

The folks at Toshiba today announced that the Satellite(R) P205, Satellite X205 and Qosmio(R) F45 will be the company’s first mainstream mobile solutions to incorporate HD DVD drives, while the Qosmio G45 will be the first U.S. notebook computer with a writeable
HD DVD optical drive, and will be available to consumers in time for the back-to-school season. 

“In the realm of high definition nothing compares to the capability and quality that is available through HD DVD,” said Mark Simons, vice
president and general manager, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America.



Information Systems, Inc. “Due to manufacturing efficiencies being achieved for HD DVD, we’re able to add this revolutionary technology into our mainstream
consumer notebook lineup at affordable prices.” 

The new HD DVD enabled Toshiba Satellite and Qosmio notebook computers will have estimated single unit prices (ESUP) that will range from
$1,449 to $3,199(1), depending on model and configuration. In terms of screen size, the Satellite P205, Satellite X205 and Qosmio G45 will be equipped with
high-resolution 17-inch diagonal widescreen displays, while the Qosmio F45 will take advantage of a healthy 15.4-inch diagonal widescreen display.



Toshiba's Qosmio HD DVD Laptop

Additionally the Toshiba Satellite X205, Qosmio F45 and Qosmio G45 notebook computers are equipped with an HDMI port and can be connected to any
high definition display or television at home, on the road or in a dorm room to deliver pure HD DVD content without fear of image degradation. The Qosmio G45
is capable of output resolutions up to 1080p, while the Satellite X205 will offer an output of up to 1080i output.

“Toshiba prides itself on making products that are relevant and useful for everyone,” said Jeff Barney, vice president of marketing, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. “With playback of up to 1080i across a wide range of our Satellite notebooks and up to 1080p among our Qosmio notebooks, users can begin to build a high-end home entertainment center upon the foundation of Toshiba’s first-class multimedia technology.”

In addition to the HD DVD playback, which has resolution six times sharper than the DVD format, the Qosmio G45 notebook computer provides users with a state-of-the-art HD DVD-R optical drive that can burn up to 30 GB of data(2), including video or entire photo and music libraries, onto a single HD
DVD recordable disc. You can get the machine for $2,999 at .


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