Traveler Goes Online at MySpace By M R Reed

Traveler goes online at MySpace and the frame-up continues beyond the small screen as fans of the exciting new ABC Wednesday night series “Traveler” will be able to witness the covert operations at work on the MySpace pages of the two guys on the run in “Traveler,” Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog.

Their ongoing and updated pages at MySpace are to include content such as blog diatribes against the fictional President Shears that suggests they are terrorists.

According to Warner Bros.Worldwide Publicity department, the site contents will parallel the storyline as it unfolds on the show.

This Wednesday, June 6, 2007, on ABC at 10PM ET on “Traveler,” Jay and Tyler will discover that the extent of the frame-up has widened when they go back to Yale and find that their personal belongings have been tampered with.

And in next Wednesday’s (6/13) episode, the Myspace sites and the series will intertwine as the FBI will refer to the two fugitives’ Internet postings as motives for their actions.

Check out the Myspace Blogs at
Jay Burchell

Tyler Fogg


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