Demon Dealings On Supernatural – Eclipse Talks Exclusively to Ona Grauer About Her Role in the Season Finale

 As loyal viewers continue to hang on to their remotes Supernatural, the hit CW Thursday night series which has been green-lighted for a third season, heads towards the climatic second part of the appropriately titled second season finale, All Hell Breaks Loose. The series stars the incredibly talented Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: two brothers in a 67 Chevy Impala with a trunk full of weapons who criss-cross America putting a stop to supernatural threats wherever they find them. As part two of this dramatic season two finale airs this Thursday on The CW network, Eclipse Magazine talks exclusively to the stunningly beautiful Ona Grauer about her role as a demon out to make a deal with Dean Winchester in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.



Ona Grauer is very familiar with the sci-fi and horror genre, having starred in such films as House of the Dead and Deep Evil and guest-starred in the hit Sci-fi Channel series Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. It was while working on Stargate: SG-1 that Ona Grauer met Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks who later formed Slacktwaddle Productions and created the 2007 Women of Sci-fi Calendar of which Ona Grauer is one of the lovely ladies photographed by Christopher Judge.

“Chris Judge called me out of the blue when I was in Los Angeles to do the calendar. I just found out I was pregnant with my daughter when he asked me to be a part of it.” Grauer relates about being approached to be featured in the calendar and ‘making of’ DVD. She says the experience was a lot of fun. Fans also appreciated Ona Grauer’s participation in the calendar making the one featuring her photo on the cover the most popular seller according to Michael Shanks at last year’s Timeless Destinations event where the calendar was being sold.

Demon With Attitude

Ona Grauer says that she also had a lot of fun working on Supernatural in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 and playing the part of a demon. Grauer says there was no special effects make-up involved in creating her character, that it was really all about attitude. “You never know how much your allowed to say, but I think people will get a kick out my character. She [the demon] is in a real power position and if she had a motto it would be when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you,” Grauer says by way of describing her character without revealing too many details of the plot. “She asks questions, but in the end she knows how to spin it to get the right answer.” Ona Grauer says that she thinks her character would be an interesting friend to have in real life if it weren’t for the fact that she’s a little dark by nature.


The Demon and Dean Winchester

In All Hell Breaks Loose part 2, Ona Grauer tells Eclipse Magazine that all of her scenes were done opposite only one of the series two leads, Jensen Ackles. While Ona Grauer says she regrets not having a chance to work with Jared Padalecki, that she was pleased to be working with her long time friend Jensen Ackles. “I’ve known Jensen for about five years, having met him through mutual friends. There is a joke amongst us friends about Jensen,” Grauer speaks with affection about Ackles, “It seemed as though the shows he was on like Dark Angel and Dawson’s Creek that would get cancelled shortly after he joined the cast. We always said it was because he was so good it made everyone else look bad.” It’s because of this friendship and admiration for his work that she says she watches Supernatural. “I think Jensen is very talented.”


Ona Grauer tells Eclipse Magazine that because all of her scenes were with Jensen Ackles’ character of Dean Winchester and with the scenes being very vested in his character over her own that this presented the most challenging aspect for her in regards to this role. “Usually I prepare for a role based on I, meaning the focus for myself is on my own character. Things like how do I feel. Where do I want this to go,” Grauer says that with this role in Supernatural, it was really important that she found the proper balance between the ‘Demon’ and ‘Dean’ for the purpose of the story line. “This episode is not about my Demon role it’s about a few different story lines. You’ll see,” Grauer ends on a cryptic note about what is to come in the second part of the season finale, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.

Would Ona Grauer like to work on Supernatural again and reprise her demonic role? “I would love to come back,” She says with enthusiasm for her ‘demon with attitude’. “It’s always more fun to be bad than good.” Perhaps she’ll get a chance to work with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in a future episode.

Moving beyond her role in Supernatural, Ona Grauer tells Eclipse Magazine that she has just wrapped filming on a movie called Snow Demons. “I’m not sure when it will be out though.”

She is also going to be back on the Canadian Television series Intelligence reprising her role as Katarina Weigel some time in June. She is hoping that this series will make it into the American syndication market as well.

Meanwhile be sure and catch Ona Grauer in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2, the exciting season 2 finale of the hit series Supernatural this coming Thursday May 17th at 9PM EST on the CW Network.


Article Copyright2007 M R Reed

Supernatural Photo Copyright2007 to Warner Bros/CW Network. Ona Grauer WofSC photo Copyright2006 to SlackTwaddle Productions/Christopher Judge. Headshot photo Copyright2003 to House of the Dead-Boll/KG


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