Smallville Heats Up with Season Finale and Justice League Contest

 This coming Thursday May 17th at 8PM EST on the CW Network, fans get ready to see the Earth-shattering climax that six seasons have been leading up to as Smallville ramps up for the big revelations about Lex Luthor’s Supers Soldiers, Clark’s terrifying new challenge, Lana’s perilous marriage and Chloe’s amazing new ability.

If you’re just watching “Smallville” on The CW, you’re only getting part of the story!

To coincide with the last several episodes leading up the climatic season finale of Smallville, The CW Network has been airing their animated story SMALLVILLE LEGENDS: JUSTICE & DOOM parallel to the Thursday night episodes of the live action series and fans can also log onto to follow the action and to help Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow and his team foil Lex Luthor’s plans for world domination.

At the online site, fans can also get questions about past seasons of Smallville answered, have never before seen details revealed about the characters and story lines and register to win a brand new Toyota Yaris by playing along with the online and televised role playing game.

So to get in on all the Smallville excitement, log onto the Justice site at the CW Network and catch all the action of the season finale on Thursday night at 8PM EST.


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