Delta Farce: Military Movie Parody Is A Dud!

Delta Farce Movie ReviewIt's been awhile since someone made a parody of military action movies, so I guess it was just time for Delta Farce – a lowest-common-denominator farce about three weekend warriors who are ordered to Iraq, but somehow wind up in Mexico…











Larry [Larry the Cable Guy] is working in a family restaurant with a western theme when his girlfriend announces she's having a baby. Before she can say another word, Larry grabs a mic and relays that information to everyone in the place – and then proposes. Turns out it's not his baby. Everett [D.J. Qualls], a security guard who's living in a storage cubicle, is told by his boss that he has to get out of the cubicle – and by the way watch out for a pervert [who, it seems, just might be Everett]. Larry's neighbor Bill [Bill Engvall] has such a loving marriage that his monthly weekend with Larry and Everett in the Army Reserves is a blessed opportunity to get away and shoot stuff up.

Each month they get together to shoot skeet [possessions of someone in their bad books], eat junk food and make beer runs. Unfortunately, this time, the nearby army detachment is slated to go to Iraq and they are short personnel. The result? Our trio of redneck misfits find themselves pressed into service to go to Iraq.

Unfortunately, surviving a day of training under the hyper-tough Sgt. Kilgore [Keith David] can't prepare them for accidentally being dumped over Mexico when their transport has to jettison cargo to remain aloft. Neither can it prepare them, or Sgt. Kilgore, for the ensuing events – inadvertently becoming heroes when they drive bandits from a small town. Bandits who are led by the vicious outlaw, Carlos Santana [Danny Trejo – the best thing about the movie].

Delta Farce Still

If Delta Farce had been released before Hot Fuzz it might have stood a chance. Instead, the smart parody was released first, leaving this second-rate, remarkably unfunny movie to wallow in its dust. How unfunny is it? Its writers thought its best running gag to be the confusion between the outlaw Santana and the rock star. One of the few funny moments in the film comes with the final round of that joke – but all the previous times land with prodigious thud.

Most of the rest of the funny moments come from Everett's match with the Mexican wrestler who helps keep Santana entertained. The match, part of a diversion for a plan to rescue Kilgore [don't ask], has a few moments of visual hilarity that the rest of the movie is unable to equal – and most of the rest of the gags are actually appropriately named.

There are one or two funny moments that were cut from the movie but find their way into the gag reel that runs alongside the credits, but they wouldn't have been enough to save Delta Farce from being just another bad parody.

Grade: D


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