A Lily In Supernatural: Eclipse Talks Exclusively To Jessica Harmon About Her Role In the Season Finale

It’s that time of year when many TV series are counting down to their season finales and over on the CW Network, Supernatural is definitely headed in that direction. As loyal viewers hang on to their remotes, the hit CW Thursday night series rockets towards its climatic season 2 finale in a two-part episode titled, appropriately enough, All Hell Breaks Loose. The series stars the incredibly talented Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: two brothers in a 67 Chevy Impala with a trunk full of weapons who criss-cross America putting a stop to supernatural threats wherever they find them.

As part one of this dramatic episode airs tonight on The CW network, Eclipse Magazine talks exclusively to the beautiful Jessica Harmon who guest stars as Lily who, like Sam Winchester, is one of those born with special abilities whom are being sought by the Yellow-Eyed Demon who wants to harness those abilities for his own evil purposes.


I had such a great time on this show

Ever since it’s pilot episode last season, Supernatural has been building up towards the culmination of the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s plans for Sam Winchester and those like him. In All Hell Breaks Loose, the demon has trapped Sam and several others of those with special abilities into a strange world of its own creation leaving Dean on the outside and desperately trying to find a way to save his brother and those like him before their enemy can subvert their power to his own means. Jessica Harmon, who has taken on the role of Lily, one of those with special abilities is no stranger to the world of the scifi and horror genre, having appeared in Hollow Man 2 and Black Christmas.

We asked Jessica Harmon if she had known about the premise of Supernatural before she got the role of Lily. “I had seen previews for it, so I knew what it was basically about.” However Harmon says that while she had actually done an audition for Supernatural prior to getting the role of Lily, it wasn’t until she began working as a guest star in All Hell Breaks Loose that she started watching the series.

“I had such a great time working on this show,” Jessica Harmon says of her experience as Lily and because of that she has since become an enthusiastic regular Supernatural viewer. “I really like it though, working on it turned me into a fan, so way to go Warner Brothers you got that extra viewer you’ve been looking for,” Harmon says with a laugh.

It’s often been said by the cast, writers and producers of Supernatural that each episode is like a complete horror movie, that they strive to give it that kind of production feel. Having worked on actual horror movies such as Black Christmas and Hollow Man 2 Eclipse Magazine asked Jessica Harmon what made her experience working on Supernatural unique from these other roles.

“This role was unique in the fact that I have special powers.” Jessica Harmon explains that this is a refreshing change from the other roles where she is just a normal person getting killed by either a psychotic incestuous murdering duo or Christian Slater. “So you can see how they differ,” Harmon states obviously being very happy to play a character with special powers.

In Eclipse Magazine’s recent interview with John Shiban, one of the writers/producers of Supernatural he told our readers that the writers of this series like to make the guest characters, even the demons and ghosts, into well rounded characters. Eclipse Magazine asked Jessica Harmon if she found this kind of dedication to be helpful to her coming in as a guest star for All Hell Breaks Loose.

“I did find that to be true actually, each character no matter how small does have its own unique story,” Harmon says about her experience working on Supernatural. “What’s great about that is that when you are coming on to a show that’s already been running for two years you still feel as though your role is very important to that show. My character was very well written, you can see that she’s had a difficult past and really feel what she’s going through, it was amazing to play.”

 Without giving too much away about All Hell Breaks Loose, Eclipse Magazine asked Jessica Harmon to tell us little bit about the back story that was created for her character Lily who she says is kind of Goth/lazy and wears about four layers of black clothing. “She’s lost, both literally and internally,” Harmon tell us. “Her abilities have pushed Lily into a very dark place and therefore she pushes the people around her away. She’s distrusting and very jaded.

Not playing any kind of demon or ghostly character doesn’t mean that this role was not without its challenges. Jessica Harmon tells Eclipse Magazine that while she may not have had to wear any special effects make up for the role of Lily she did have a chance to do some wire work. “I did have a stunt that I’m proud to say I did myself,” Harmon says with a smile. “I was up in the air in a full harness, which gave me huge bruises but it looked really cool. Lily is an awesome character and I had so much fun working in this role,” Jessica Harmon states enthusiastically of her time spent working on Supernatural.

Working with Jared Padalecki was Great

From details released about All Hell Breaks Loose, most of Jessica Harmon’s work in it appears to be only with only one of the series two leads, Jared Padalecki who plays Sam


“I did not work with Jensen Ackles but I hear he’s very nice,” Jessica confirms this detail for Eclipse Magazine and then moves on to talk about working with Padalecki in their scenes together.

“Working with Jared [Padalecki] was great,” Jessica Harmon says. “He’s a great actor and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet especially for an actor. My character mainly interacted with him. We fight most of the time because we have very different opinions on what should be done with our current situation.” Harmon also adds that everyone on the show was awesome. “They are very fun people to work with.”

Provided that nothing bad happens to Lily in All Hell Breaks Loose, Eclipse Magazine asked would she come back to reprise her character if asked? “Hell ya,” Jessica Harmon says with great affection for her time spent on the set of Supernatural. “I love being the anti-social bitchy goth plus the people weren’t too awful to work with either.”

You can catch Jessica Harmon as the bitchy gothy Lily tonight’s new episode of Supernatural airing on The CW Network at 9PM EST.

The beautiful Jessica Harmon can also be seen in a film she recently completed titled Passions Web which will be out in worldwide distribution later this year, (the movie has already aired in the US under the title Uncaged Heart). She has also graced the cover of several magazines including a recent cover of Urban Mainstream .

Jessica Harmon is also in the midst of creating her own official website http://www.jessica-harmon.com and it will be launched next month you and fans of her work can go to that for updates and information on her newest projects. Meanwhile she can be seen at her Myspace account

Article Copyright 2007 to M R Reed.

Supernatural Photos Copyright2007 to Warner Bros/The CW. Jessica Harmon photo Copyright2007 to Urban Mainstream


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