Christian Bale Breaks His Silence on Dark Knight!

Christian Bale Talks Dark KnightChristian Bale has been loathe to talk about the upcoming Dark Knight film, primarily due to contract clauses. At a recent press day for Rescue Dawn, they told us Bale didn't want to talk about Dark Knight or his weight loss. I quipped, "then, what's the point of the interview?" But as always if you phrase the questions just so, you can get some tidbits. Christian confirmed that he hasn't started shooting Dark Knight Yet and that he'll be starting in the next few weeks. He's looking forward to working with Heath Ledger and going back. He said he didn't have to do as much rigorous fight training this time around because he went through it last time and the producers know he has the mad skills. He also admitted that having a franchise character in his pocket allows him more freedom to do other projects and that Rescue Dawn probably got the financing quicker due to his involvement with the Batman franchise. The studio asked us to hold our coverage until closer to July. But I'll be dropping some tantalizing tidbits from the day over the next few days.




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