Blades of Glory – Farrell’s Funniest Since Elf!

Blades of Glory onesheetWould you believe that figure skating could be the subject of the next big comedy smash? Well… would you believe it if the movie starred Will Farrell? And Jon [Napoleon Dynamite] Heder? Then check this out: Blades of Glory is, quite possibly, the oddest buddy movie I’ve ever seen. 

When the fiery presentation of Chazz Michael Michaels [will Ferrell] and the cool, perfect technique of Jimmy MacElroy [Jon Heder] result in a tie at the 2000 Olympics, the two break into a fight on the podium – sharing a gold isn’t enough for either of them. The brawl costs them the right to compete for the rest of their lives – or so it seems…

Their banishment affects Michaels and MacElroy in different ways: Michaels winds up a lush, playing the evil wizard in a low-rent Ice Capades knockoff called Grublets that performs in a Chuck E. Cheese kind of kids’ environment, while MacElroy is disowned by his billionaire adoptive father [William Fichtner] and is reduced to working in a sporting goods store.

MacElroy’s most obsessive fan finds a loophole that will allow the fallen idols to compete again – as a pairs team! The only question is whether MacElroy will be able to convince Michaels to give it a shot – and his old coach [Craig T. Nelson] to train them.

Blades of Glory transfers the buddy movie from cop shows and other genres, into the world of competitive figure skating. The knowing script, by Jeff & Craig Cox, pokes fun at the expectations of its audience – in terms of thinking about figure skating as “gay” – with a few well-timed gags that take the piss out of those expectations by confronting them head-on. Then the story moves on to parody such buddy movie cliche


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