Washington’s Own, Stephen Hunter does ok. Michelle Reviews “Shooter!”

Michelle reviews Shooter!Director, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) brings Washington, DC film critic Steven Hunter’s book “Point of Impact” to the big screen in the Mark Wahlberg thriller “Shooter,” A political action thriller about a former military sniper who gets set up by evil doers. 











Wahlberg has come a long way as an actor and has the chops to pull off Bob Lee Swagger, a country bumpkin who just happens to be one of the world’s best snipers. He can hit his target from more than 2 miles out (yeah, I believe it) and knows exactly how to judge the wind conditions and path his bullet takes. When we first meet him he’s in the military on a mission in some non-descript foreign desert taking out the enemy left and right. It’s a great opening sequence because it reminds me of playing my favorite game Call of Duty 2 for the 360, there’s just nothing like the feeling of stalking prey through a scoped gun.

Anyway, I digress; Swagger is eventually betrayed and left for dead by his superiors. His long time spotter is shot dead while trying to escape. The film then fast forwards several years and we find that somehow Swagger got out of the country and returned home. He’s now living alone in an isolated cabin with his dog for company.

His privacy is shattered when spook Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover) pulls up in his drive way telling him his country needs him. Swagger knows it’s a mistake, but at the end of the day he’s an idealist so he agrees to help them figure out how an expert Sniper would kill the President, so that they can prevent it.


Michelle Reviews Shooter!


“Shooter,” starts off with a strong opening sequence then gets bogged down in needless and overly serious exposition and at times doesn’t know what it wants to be. This wouldn’t be so bad if “Shooter,” was a leave your brain at the door kind of action film, but it asks you to think and when you do, everything goes downhill from there.

Does it want to be an issues movie, an action film, or a thriller? Director Fuqua never seems to settle. The film goes from a thriller to a silly message movie when the threads of the conspiracy and the reasons for it start to unravel. The last 3rd of the film the producers seem to remember that they are making an action film, but instead of giving us action, gives the audience “action character” cliche


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