Wild Hogs: Lowbrow Humor That Works [For The Most Part]

Wild Hogs Box ArtYes, it's another mid-life crisis, lowbrow comedy. Yes, it stars four guys who've not been particularly funny in years. Nope, Wild Hogs isn't a masterpiece. What it is, is pretty funny…


When dentist Doug Madsen [Tim Allen] realizes how long it's been since he actually felt good in his life, he tries to persuade three of his buddies – Woody Stevens [John Travolta], Bobby Davis [Martin Lawrence] and Dudley Frank [William H. Macy] – to just take a break and hit the road on their motorcycles. Like Doug, each of the three is suffering from something of a mid-life crisis: Woody's lost his supermodel wife and discovered that he's broke; Bobby is the king of the henpecked men, and Dudley's biological clock alarm seems to be about to go off – and he's never been lucky with women.

After some token resistance, the four do, in fact, hit the road [and in Dudley's case, the road hits back…]. What follows is a kind of biker comedy that mostly goes for the gut and the gonads. The guys start off well – they speed past a carload of gorgeous woman who all wave and cheer – then a storm hits and the girls past them, huddled under a tarp sitting on their bikes, and another kind of laughter ensues.

There's an encounter with a gay motorcycle cop [played with just enough swishiness by Scrubs' John c. McKinley] that, while funny, is only the first of too many homophobic gags. There's the biker bar – where our heroes get in trouble when Dudley is screwed out of his bike and Woody gets it back while accidentally torching the place [and earning the enmity of the Del Fuegos gang]. And, finally, there's the stopover in Madrid [MAD-rid], a cozy little town where Dudley actually hits it off with a lovely caf


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