Lots of TVonDVD: Grosse Point; Masters of Horror; Anything But Love; Beauty and the Beast; I Dream of Jeannie, and Two-A-Days

Grosse Point Box ArtDarren [Sex and the City] Star's behind-the-scenes semi-satirical sitcom, Grosse Pointe, leads off a half-dozen of the most interesting of recent TVonDVD releases – along with Dario Argento's elegantly deranged Masters of Horror episode, Pelts; season one of the long-awaited cult classic, Beauty and the Beast; the first volume of Anything But Love [which paired standup neurotic Richard Lewis with movie star Jamie Lee Curtis]; the third season of I Dream of Jeannie [which gave Barbara Eden a notorious second character to play], and the first season of the only reality series that hasn't [so far] made me want to throw up a little in my mouth, Two-A-Days: Hoover High CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMTV, OUR iTUNES VIDEO PODCAST!!

Grosse Pointe Box ArtGrosse Point: The Complete Series

Set on the soundstages for a archetypal teen-angst soap of the same name, Darren Star's Grosse Pointe is one of those shows that fall under the "brilliant but cancelled" heading. The set up is simple – a new girl joins the cast whereupon she upsets the chemistry of the group and as the liner notes put it, "threatens the offscreen balance of power." The result is what is possibly the second best behind-the-scenes [behind only Sports Night] TV series ever.

Right from the pilot ep, the series opened with a "previously on" intro – though it usually culminated in some kind of gag ["You lost the baby." "I'm so sorry mom – I lose everything!] and led into some kind of barb ["Does she have to thrust her breasts out like that every time she feels an emotion?" "Relax – he's the genius who told Felicity to cut her hair!"].

Into the show comes Courtney Scott [Bonnie Somerville] who will play Laura Johnson, the sweet as sugar country cousin of Hunter Fallow's [Irene Molloy] Becky Johnson. Immediately, Hunter and her best friend – the insecure Marcy Sternfeld [Lindsay Sloane], who plays Kim Peterson – feel threatened and/or outraged. A new character means less screentime to go around… Of course, a new hot blonde means a new potential conquest for the show's heartthrob, Johnny Bishop [Al Santos] – who plays Becky's brother, Brad.

You get the idea.

Balancing the power plays – big and small – by various cast members, are producers Rob Fields [William Ragsdale] and Hope Lustig [Joely Fisher in a recurring role]. As nasty as the young rising stars of the show can be, the more mature nastiness of Rob and Hope [not to mention their deviousness] is on a whole


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