Michelle sits down with DC Film Director Babar Ahmed to talk about his latest project Royal Kill!

Babar Ahmed Talks about Royal KillThe day that we met and discovered, DC Filmmaker, Babar Ahmed, he was ecstatic because he’d just signed a worldwide DVD distribution deal for his first film, Genius. His follow up feature, Royal Kill is an action adventure film about a high school teenage girl in America who finds out that she is the last living heir to the Kingdom of Samarza. An assassin has been sent to kill the young princess while a noble guard has been sent to protect her. Babar has pulled together an interesting cast that includes former WWE Diva – Gail Kim, Eric Roberts, and veteran actor Pat Morita in his last role. Babar took a few minutes out from editing his final cut to update us on his progress. CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMTV, OUR iTUNES VIDEO PODCAST!! 







Please tell us who you are and why we’re speaking with you today?


My butler Jeeves makes the best cup of earl grey tea. He claims lineage from Charles Grey the Second who was a British Prime Minister in the 1830s and after whom the tea is named. But the reason you are speaking with me instead of him is because of the new action/thriller


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