Performance DVDs: Inside The Actor’s Studio: Dave Chappelle; Pablo Francisco: OUCH!

Inside The Actor's Studio - Dave ChappelleBoth Dave Chappelle and Pablo Francisco have been described as "outrageous" comedians. In the case of Chappelle, whose appearance on Inside The Actor's Studio is now available on DVD, the term applies in the sense that his comedy pushes the envelope and is funny. Francisco, whose concert DVD OUCH! Is also currently available, is outrageous only in the sense that he has mistaken language and racial stereotyping as edgy – also, he's not funny. CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMTV, OUR iTUNES VIDEO PODCAST!!







Dave Chappelle

Inside The Actor's Studio: Dave Chappelle

At the top of Inside The Actor's Studio: Dave Chappelle, host James Lipton takes a moment to correct a misperception about the series. The Actor's Studio is not a school that is limited to teaching acting, or directing, or writing – it is a school that teaches all aspects of performance. Hence, guests to the TV series like Jennifer Lopez, Will Ferrell and, of course, Dave Chappelle. Then he digs in.

Over the course of the double length episode, we learn a lot about Chappelle – from his humble beginnings to the real reasons he walked off Chappelle's Show and away from the almost ridiculous sum of fifty million dollars. During the interview, Chappelle and Lipton actually trade comedic riffs on a number of subjects, as well, showing a side of Lipton that fans of the show have only glimpsed previously.

But, as is usually the case, Lipton focuses the attention on Chappelle and his questions are both well researched and incisive. Chappelle, for his part, does not evade even the toughest queries. He is remarkably candid, and frequently blunt in his responses – and it's clear that he is enjoying the experience.

Features include: Great Moments That Didn't Make The Cut – moments that were cut for time [many as good as what aired], and James Lipton: Flashbacks.

Inside The Actor's Studio: Dave Chappelle – Grade: A

Features – Grade: C-

Final Grade: B+

Pablo Francisco - OUCH! - box art

Pablo Francisco – OUCH!

The blurb on the box for OUCH! Reads: "Pablo Francisco may be the most outrageous comedian in the country…" Well, he's a charismatic guy, with a riveting stage presence. He struts and prowls across the stage, posing ferociously, and occasionally standing almost statute-still, or sitting like an emperor on a throne. He sweats, he puffs, his muscles bulge. He has a strong, expressive voice that really doesn't need that mic to reach the back of the room. The problem is, he's not particularly funny. You could say that he has all the tools – all he's lacking is the toolbox.

Francisco attacks all sorts of subjects over the course of this concert: movies, music, video games, parents – whole great bunches of the experiences that make up our lives. Unfortunately, most of his comic ruminations are more sad that funny.

His rants on racial stereotypes, for example, feature several accents that are exactly alike. His observations amount to clich


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