Romance, Road Trips and Action: Brokeback Mountain Collectors’ Edition, The Puffy Chair and Crank

Brokeback Mountain 2-Disc Collector's Edition Box ArtEvery now and then, we need to be reminded that you don't necessarily need tons of money to make a good movie. Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain 2-Disc Collector's Edition, the Duplass Brothers' The Puffy Chair, and Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor's Crank may not have cost the earth, but they're more entertaining than most $100-million dollar blockbusters…CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMTV, OUR iTUNES VIDEO PODCAST!!








Brokeback Mountain - Box Art


Brokeback Mountain 2-Disc Collector's Edition

When Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain was released, it faced a huge backlash from many of the more conservative elements in North American society. Then, it became hit, playing well in every corner of the continent – including America's so-called blue states. The film's title even entered the contemporary vernacular.

Now, Universal has released a 2-disc collector's edition of the film. The film, itself, is still an odd combination of romance and impact study – almost as much of the film deals with the effects of Ennis [Heath Ledger] and Jack's [Jake Gyllenhaal] romance on their families as deals with the actual romance. If anything, the film works even better on repeated viewings – its combination of John Ford-like vistas and ultra-focused intimate moments stand out even more.

Features reprised from the original DVD [now included on disc two] are: "Directing From The Heart: Ang Lee" – a featurette in which Lee discusses the reasons he wanted to do the film – oddly enough the featurette could use more of Lee, and less of everyone else; "From Script to Screen: Interviews With Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana" – the best of the featurettes because they actually get to go into detail about their writing process on the project; "Sharing The Experience: The Making of Brokeback Mountain" – an adequate behind-the-scenes featurette; "On Being a Cowboy" – a look at the "cowboy boot camp" that the cast went through.

The new features are: disc one's A Groundbreaking Success – a featurette that looks at the manner in which the film grew to have a huge emotional impact, worldwide – and cast and crew reflections on the phenomenon; disc two's Music From The Mountain – an in-depth look at the music of the film, from score to individual songs, and Impressions From The Film – a montage of still photos that highlight the "power and beauty of the film."

There are still no commentaries – something that such an important film would warrant – and while the new featurettes are pretty cool, the photo montage seems redundant when we can just see the images in the actual film, in context, and marvel. There are also "collectable" postcards with scenes from the film – another case of repackaging that seems redundant. Still, the new featurettes are definitely worth having if you haven't already sprung for the earlier DVD release.

Brokeback Mountain – Grade: A

Features – Grade: B+

Final Grade: A-

The Puffy Chair - Box Art

The Puffy Chair

Shot on an ultra-low budget, The Puffy chair is another of those small gems that wows


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