NBC’s Heroes Begin To Come Together!

Heroes - GodsendAs the fall finale of NBC's Heroes [Mondays, 9/8C] came to a conclusion, we were locked into a fractured, nightmarish sequence that put all of the program's main characters in New York City just as the foretold explosion was about to take place. The scariest single image was that of Peter Petrelli beginning to glow…CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMTV, OUR iTUNES VIDEO PODCAST!!

When Heroes returns on Monday night, we find out, immediately, what that nightmarish sequence was all about – but it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! The younger Petrelli [Milo Ventimiglia] is in a hospital – in a coma – with an incredible fever that is worsening by the second; Claire [Hayden Panetierre] is trying to reconnect with Zach [whose memories were wiped in the fall finale]; Matt [Greg Grunberg] and his FBI partner [Clea Duvall] are in Texas, investigating Mr. Bennett's [Jack Coleman] paper factory; Niki [Ali Larter] is in prison – in solitary, in fact, thanks to Jessica; and Hiro [Masi Oka] has decided that a legendary sword is what he needs to regain control of his powers…

Over the first half of the series' first season, we've seen how each of the main characters has dealt [or not] with their powers. For some they are a curse; others have no idea what to make of them, and one is enthusiastically embracing them. We've learned about the theory that these characters are the next stage in the evolutionary process – though there will, undoubtedly, be others who think they are unwitting pawns in some kind of conspiracy.


Heroes - Painting of Claire


Now that we've become familiar with the individual characters – and their unique situations – it seems that they are slowly coming together in small groups, possibly working toward a united effort to thwart the predicted nuclear explosion. This week's episode, Godsend, gives us new information, new character struggles, and one or two very intriguing confrontations. We get glimpses of Ted [remember the radioactive man?] in a desolate location, and Sylar [Zachary Quinto] in a near comatose state.

Matt decides to be completely honest with his wife ["I hear people's thoughts…"]; Mr. Bennett confers with Mohinder [Sendhill Ramamurthy]; Christopher Eccleston's as yet unnamed character makes his highly unorthodox entrance; Hiro's powers take an odd turn when he really needs them; and so much more that it's hard to believe the writers squeezed it all into under forty-five minutes of actual episode [and even harder to believe that Godsend doesn't feel cramped, or rushed].

With all the theories that are out, I'm not going to posit where the series might going – beyond stopping the explosion [my fearless prediction: they might just stop it…]. What I can do, with a reasonable possibility of success, is say that if you love this show Godsend will not disappoint. For a combination of intrigue and adventure, Godsend ranks as one of the two or three best eps to date.

Grade: A


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