Michelle’s Puch Drunk Love for Rocky Balboa!!

Rocky Balboa Movie ReviewYo, Rocky, where's Adrian? It's been 16 years since the last Rocky movie and a lot has changed since then, then again maybe not. George Bush was in office, and still is. James Bond was hot at the box office and still is (kind of), Madonna was topping the charts at least once or twice a year and still is, Whitney married Bobby (ok, they recently got divorced) and Sylvester Stallone was too old to play Rocky in the supposed final installment.











Sixteen years later he's back, but for some reason it felt like time had turned back. While he looked too old in Rocky V, he some how looks just right for the, supposed, final installment. This time out Rocky's opponent is himself – his ego.

In Rocky V, Rocky fell from grace – he lost all his money and was no longer allowed to fight for fear of permanent brain damage. Sixteen years later he lost his wife Adrian and his son, a little weasel who is struggling to get out of the shadow of his famous father. Rocky's not exactly happy at this point in his life, but he's content to run his neighborhood restaurant and tell stories of his past and lost glory.

He's still a hero in his Philadelphia neighborhood and still has fans who remember his amazing accomplishments. It's not an exciting life for someone like Rocky, but it's respectable. He slowly starts to come out of his self imposed funk when he helps Marie (Geraldine Hughes) a neighborhood woman and her son get back on their feet.

Right before the screening a friend and fellow critic and I got into a friendly argument over the CGI used in the film Happy Feet. He thought it looked great, frankly I thought it sucked and have seen better CGI work on some next gen games like Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc. He refused to buy the argument that games can be just as good as film CGI.

The reason for this little aside is, in Rocky a key moment in the film involves CGI. ESPN promotes the idea that Rocky Balboa is the greatest fighter of all time and would have no problem knocking out the current US Champion, Mason 'The Line' Dixon (played by real life boxer, Antonio Tarver). They do this by using one of the cheesiest computer animations ever put to screen. Of course all of the chatter gets Rocky thinking, "Hmmm


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