Eragon: Tolkienesque or Tolkien-oops!

Eragon One-SheetEragon's one-sheet proclaims: The Next Great Fantasy! Not exactly. Though it has its heart in the right place, this watered down version of Christopher Paolini's bestselling fantasy novel dispenses with most of the elements that made the book so much fun…

When an evil sorcerer tracks down a beautiful woman, she barely has time to send her precious cargo away before she is captured. The item looks to be a huge blue stone, but after Eragon [Edward Speleers], a farm boy in the farthest corner of the country, finds it, it soon becomes apparent that it is much more – a dragon's egg [which Eragon discovers only when the egg hatches.

When he overhears a mad old man named Brom [Jeremy Irons] talking about dragons and dragonriders, he tries to persuade the older man to tell him more. Eventually Brom opens up when he discovers that Eragon has bonded with a newly hatched dragon. Unfortunately, the new dragonrider is a threat to the evil king, Galbatorix [John Malkovich], and he sics Durza [Robert Carlyle] on the young man – resulting in the death of Eragon's uncle [and adoptive father].

At this point, the movie has managed to remain pretty faithful to the novel, though Speleers makes Eragon so bland a characters that he makes Orlando bloom look like Harvey Keitel. Irons, who just refuses to give a detrimental performance, generate what weight the film has. Carlyle and Malkovich, on the other hand, are in turns, clich


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