Done The Impossible: Browncoats Celebrate The Little Show That Wouldn’t die!

Done The Impossible Box ArtIf you have any Browncoats among your friends and family, you will know about it. Browncoats are fans of the Joss Whedon TV series, Firefly, and the film for which their support was largely responsible. Done The Impossible is another unlikely chapter in the Firefly/Serenity saga…

When Joss Whedon's TV series, Firefly, was prematurely cancelled, its legion of fans rose up – first prompting a DVD release, which then sold so well it helped Universal decide to acquire the movie rights. Finally, a movie, Serenity, was made. Done The Impossible is a fan-made documentary that looks at how that process occurred.

Although the documentary is largely concerned with Browncoats [their feelings about the series and the movie] and the way their support [unrivalled since the original Star Trek write-in campaign] made it possible for the nearly unheard of to happen, it is most notable for interviews with Joss Whedon and some of the cast and production crew of Serenity – and for enlisting the aid of Adam Baldwin to introduce each section of the film, and Jewel Staite for voice-over work.

This is one of those "if-I-had-a-camera-I'd-do-this" films that usually wind up boring people to tears at family gatherings. The big difference between those vanity projects and Done The Impossible is simple – Done The Impossible is a very good documentary. The done The Impossible team [Brian Wiser, Jared Nelson, Jason Heppler, Jeremy Neish and Tony Hadlock] have filmed and edited a tidy little doc that really works as a film.

It traces the story of Whedon's series from before its out-of-sequence run on FOX and cancellation, through to just after its big screen big screen release – and it gives the viewer some keen insights into how this remarkable little series affected people's lives enough that they wouldn't let it die. As a Browncoat myself, I was prepared for Done The Impossible to be an earnest, awkward, emotional Rollercoaster ride. Thus, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that it was made with the same kind of professionalism that Whedon and his cast and applied to both Firefly and Serenity.

Done The Impossible - Browncoats

Done The Impossible captures the love, outrage and insistence of the Browncoat movement, while revealing that the series/film's cast and crew are equally enthusiastic fans [we hear from folks like stars Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Ron Glass – as well as production people like Christopher Buchanan and Tim Minear]. Baldwin's contribution and the Whedon interview [which is dispensed in bits throughout the film] show just how important both projects were to them – but neither seems forced or staged. The result is that any non-Browncoat who watches the film will likely want to see what all the fuss is about [and if you know a Browncoat, you will see this film].

There is also a CD release of the Done The Impossible soundtrack, featuring artists who have become such fans of Firefly and Serenity that they've written songs about them. Some of the best tracks include: Big Damn Trilogy, by Celtic band, The Bedlam Bards [their hope that their would be a Serenity trilogy]; Rob Kuhlman's medley, Done The Impossible [The Ballad of Serenity], and Emerald Rose's fine take on The Ballad of Serenity. Because the songs on the soundtrack were composed by acts that were fans of Whedon's work, they both stand alone as great songs and work within the framework of the Done The Impossible soundtrack.

Done The Impossible - Baccarin & Staite Interview

With Christmas shopping being flogged before Thanksgiving these days, here's a tip: if you know a Browncoat who doesn't have Done The Impossible, or its soundtrack, you can't go wrong giving them one or both. Chances are that you'll enjoy them, too. If you are a Browncoat and don't have one or both… what were you thinking?

DVD & DVD-ROM features include: Audio Commentary [extremely good]; Interactive Timeline; Extended Interviews; Trivia Game;


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