Mission: Impossible 3 – The Best Mission Yet

Impossible 3 - Box ArtTom Cruise and director J.J. Abrams both loved the Mission: Impossible TV series. It shows in their collaboration on Mission: Impossible 3 – the film features the kind of action we expect in a big-budget movie blockbuster, but it also features some deft characterization [long an Abrams trademark]. Paramount's two-DVD Collector's Edition lives up to the expectations raised by the quality of the film…

It's interesting to note that J.J. Abrams so loved Mission: Impossible that it was one of the two main inspirations behind the creation of his cult-fave series, Alias. The other inspiration was when the thought crossed his mind that it would be interesting to see what might happen if Felicity [the lead character from the eponymous college soap that Abrams had also created] were to be recruited by an espionage agency. When Tom Cruise asked Abrams to direct M:I3, he not only accepted, he brought Keri Russell [Felicity] along for the ride in a role that tied all three projects together.

The main plot of M:I3 is to prevent arms dealer Owen Davian [Philip Seymour Hoffman] from selling an item code-named "The Rabbit's Foot" to anti-American forces. Subplots include the rescue of Ethan Hunt's prot


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