Upgrading Star Trek: Get The Lowdown From Those Involved!

Digital Enterprise 1On Tuesday, September 5th, John Nogawski [President of CBS Paramount Domestic Television], Dave Rossi and Michael Okuda [Visual Effects Producers on the Remastering of Star Trek] held a conference call to discuss the in and outs of their decision to upgrade the opening credits and effects shots in "Star Trek: The Original Series" – and score the classic Trek episodes with all-new music – to celebrate the series 40th Anniversary on September 8th.

Participants included: Will Shilling [Wireless Network], Bill Hunt [Digital Bits], Rob Owen [Pittsburgh Gazette], Matt Mitovich [tvguide.com], Ed Gross [Movie Magic/SFX], Patrick Lee [scifi.com], Anthony Pascale [TrekMovie.com], Abbie Bernstein [Dream Watch], Robert Sanchez [IESB.net], Raoul Mowatt [MSN], Vince Horiuchi [Salt Lake Tribune], Sean Elliott [IF Magazine], and Robert Ivins [TV Guide]. [Note, because of minor day surgery, I had to miss the call but Paramount provided a transcript.]



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