A ‘Neighborly’ Chat with Ellen Dubin on Her Role in The Movie ‘Murder in My House’

On Monday, June 12th, at 9 PM (EST), Lifetime TV is set to premiere a new movie of the week titled ‘Murder in My House’, starring Barbara Niven and Daniel J. Travanti. Niven plays Laura Kessler, a single woman who, along with her widowed father, moves into a seemly perfect house in an idyllic neighborhood. Only after settling in does she find out that her new home was the scene of a grisly murder several years earlier.

‘Murder in My House’ also stars Ellen Dubin, as Claire, the apparently sweet next-door neighbor who knows quite a bit about the history of the house and befriends Laura Kessler.

“Of course Laura doesn’t ask anything about the house before she moves in,” Ellen Dubin says, with a laugh, during a phone interview with her about her role. “So this is where my character of Claire comes in. Claire knows everybody’s business and she doesn’t hesitate to share it with Laura. She’s so sweet and neighborly.”

Sweet and neighborly sure, but is Claire everything she seems to be? “You’ll just have to watch and see,” Dubin chuckles in a playfully evasive way.

Ellen Dubin is no stranger to the Lifetime movie of the week audiences, having previously appeared in the role of Charlotte Porter in ‘Lies and Deceptions’. Dubin’s foremost interest in doing ‘Murder in My House’ was how she loves working on the kind of movies that Lifetime produces: movies that focus on women’s stories. “Lifetime movies are great movies for actresses because of the opportunity they present for them to play in interesting roles specifically designed for women.” Dubin says that she finds it refreshing that the female leads in the Lifetime movies are the ones to solve the issues or the mysteries. “I think it’s great that women are shown to be able to have the intellect and the strength to save the day.”

Ellen Dubin also liked working on


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