In partnership with this spring’s Free Comic Book Day event, comic store customers should be on the lookout for an exclusive Stargate action figure when they visit their local comic book stores on Saturday, May 6th. Available only during this promotion, a limited General Jack O’Neill action figure will help bring new customers to comic book stores across the country and raise awareness of Stargate action figures.

Part of Diamond Select Toys’ upcoming Stargate SG-1 action figure line, the Free Comic Book Day exclusive General Jack O’Neill figure depicts the SGC leader wearing a black t-shirt as opposed to the uniformed version due to be released later this spring and will be handed out to customers visiting any participating comic book store!

“Free Comic Book Day helps introduce new customers to the world of comics and collectibles every year,” stated Michael Leavey, Marketing and Sales Coordinator for Diamond Select Toys. “We’re very excited to be a part of this year’s event in addition to offering a great exclusive figure.”

For more information about Free Comic Book Day or to locate a comic store near you, please visit [][/url]. As participation with this promotion is voluntary, be sure to let your comic retailer know of your interest for this exclusive Stargate figure!

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS AND COLLECTIBLES, LLC was founded in 1999 by sister company Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Envisioned to create unique and exciting collectibles for children and adults alike, the company has licensed a variety of pop culture properties to be turned into merchandise. For more information, visit []Diamond Select Toys[/url].

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. is an independent, privately-held motion picture, television, home video, and theatrical production and distribution company. The company owns the world’s largest library of modern films, comprising approximately 4,000 titles, and over 10,400 episodes of television programming. For more information, visit []MGM[/url].


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