corrienglishAsgaard Entertainment’s exciting new horror/medical thriller, UNREST, is set to screen at the Annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Francisco, CA, on March 11th and 12th of 2006. Nowhere does the intensity of medical school become more profoundly real to medical students than in the anatomy lab.


For the students working with cadavers, there is a sense that the spirits that once inhabited those bodies are watching everything that they do to them. This is where UNREST by Jason Todd Ipson, MD, takes its audience.

Ipson, who attended USC-Cinema Television School and successfully crossed over from surgery to directing in 1999, takes the familiar elements of the horror genre and combines them with his knowledge of the world of medical students to create an intelligent, stylish medical thriller that explores the issues around mortality and the separation of body and soul. Using a real hospital and morgue as its principal settings, UNREST tells the story of four medical students in a Gross Anatomy Lab who find themselves dealing with the vengeful spirit of one of the cadavers they have been assigned to dissect.

UNREST is an intellectual horror film grounded in medical facts that create a story where reality is scarier than fiction. UNREST contains a compelling cast of characters that are equally grounded in a reality which raises UNREST above the average Hollywood generic horror movie. The movie stars Corri English (the WB’s ‘Bedford Diaries’), who delivers a mesmerizing turn as heroine Alison Blanchard.

Blanchard is a smart, beautiful woman whose atheist beliefs bring her into conflict with the issues of life and death surrounding the events of the story. Veteran character actor Derrick O’Connor (Lethal Weapon 2) brings his character of Dr. Blackwell to life with clarity and depth to his performance at every turn. Blackwell is an


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