The Polar Express-IMAX

This movie gets you in the Christmas spirit. It is a heartwarming story about a boy in a quest of whether to still believe in Santa. A word of caution: There are several suspense scenes, such as the train feeling like it is out of control, that may be too much for young children. There were actually a few children crying in the theater, and my own five-year old covered her face more than once.

I originally saw this movie in regular format and wanted to see it strictly for the computer animation. I wished I had seen it for the first time in IMAX. I recommend everyone see it that way for the initial viewing.

There were a few scenes that suffered from being in a 3-D format. For instance, the motion scenes of Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate, and the elves preceeding Santa’s arrival left my head swimming because the images were moving so fast they were just blurry. But other scenes just really jumped a notch by being in the IMAX format, such as every time it snowed, and following the lost train ticket’s flight with the eagle.

This is a family-friendly movie, but there were folks of all ages at the preview. I enjoyed the animation aspects of the movie, and the creative parts, such as the Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate number and probably my favorite was the spread eagle slide down the funnel…that just looked like fun.

Overall rating A-


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