Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

So what did you think?
Me personally? I think it was ruined because I heard way too much hype about this 4th release from the book series.

Btw, much Thanks to Eclipse with hooking us up with the tickets. I was one of those people that was there at 4:00pm when the showing starts at 6:30. (lol)

My 2 cents:
1. I’s asian. I was happy to heard that Harry’s first crush is an asian girl… but he didn’t even dance with the asian girl, let alone have any real conversations with her. I know this is a “child” series, but still, some interaction would be nice. After all, what are we trying to teach our kids? That it really is all about looks and ther personalities don’t count??
2. Ron & Hermoine are still clueless on thier feelings for each other. Wait, let me take that back. A clue. Nothing more. I don’t know if I will be alive long enough to see them ever actually hook up on screen.
3. It seemed like too much was jammed into the movie and they had trouble finding a direction on what to included and leave out in the film. The three schools had great powers, yet this was not shown in the movie much after the grand entrance. (I have not read the book.)
4. On the other 3 previous movies, the story was complete and yet there was a bigger story on top of everything. But in this last one, there was not even a completetion of a story. The death of the boy seem to stop everything at it’s place and the end to the movie. I felt like they literally pulled a Lord of the Ring kinda thing.
5. This was suppose to be called the Goblet of Fire. Yet after the death of the boy, it is completely forgotten. We don’t know what happened to the tornament and what conclusions is to be drawn from it. The matter was never settled.

Now before you all bash my thoughts, just realize I have not read the books because I think if they are to make a movie out of it, I should not need to read the book to find out what happens. And as I said, these are just my thoughts. I will respect your comments and I would like you to extend the same curtesy.


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