Women of Scifi shows Calendar

August,25 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Vincent Fera
Actors Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge known in the Sci Fi community for their work on StarGate:SG-1, one of the longest running Sci fi t.v shows in history have decided to branch out into the business sector of their industry. They will be launching the first ever “The Women Of Sci-Fi Calendar”tm that will be sold world wide for 2006 and followed by the “The Men of Sci- Fi Calendar”tm sold for 2007.

Christopher Judge is showing his talent behind the lens as the photographer for both calendars. Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge wanted to start a company and a project that included the friends of Sci-Fi working and owning something together that the fans could enjoy. The most exciting part of this venture is the d.v.d “The making of The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar”tm produced by Ivon Bartok and executive produced by both Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge.

“The footage is so rare because it captures so many beautiful women from so many different T.V shows having a lot of fun making this calendar”.

The beautiful women Mr.Bartok speaks of belong to such shows as Smallville, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Andromeda and they’re photographed in ways never befor seen by the Sci-Fi community.A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to charity.
You can order your Calendars or d.v.d’s by visiting

This is a secured ordering site.
Submitted by Marla Reed,
Freelance Journalist


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