“”Roll Bounce'”” Provides Sweet Memories! Michelle’s Review!!

I’m one of those people who constantly complain about the way black people are portrayed in mainstream Hollywood releases they are usually either thugs, pimps, hoes, or the mean Police Chief who has to rein in the out of control “”white”” hero cop. Very rarely do we get to see films where black folks are normal every day people trying to make a living. So on those rare occasions when Hollywood releases a feel good black family movie, I have to support it. Bow Wow’s “”Roll Bounce”” is a fun flash back film that showcases black people in a positive light, and features a thumping soundtrack to boot.

In “”Roll Bounce”” child rapper, turned teenage movie star, Bow Wow is Xavier or “”X””, an average teenager who lives on the South Side of Chicago in the late 70s. He and his mix-ed up crew spend all of their free summer time at their local Roller Rink, dancing, skating, and winning competitions. They are the best of the South Side, until one day disaster strikes – their local Roller Rink is closed. Now they have to decide whether to go to the ritzy side of town to skate at the “”Sweetwater Roller Rink.”” At first they stay in their safe neighborhood and just skate in the streets. Once they get the courage to go to the nice side of town, they immediately realize they don’t fit in. But that little voice in the back of their heads, starts talking to them, telling them they belong, that is until they encounter the local skating genius that is Sweetness (Wesley Jonathan who steals this movie) and his crew. Other plot clich


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