New Zealand-born screenwriter-director Andrew Niccol began his career in London, successfully directing TV commercials before moving to Los Angeles in order to make films “”longer than 60 seconds.”” He interested high-powered producer Scott Rudin in his The Truman Show (1998) script, but Rudin was not willing to gamble on a rookie director, particularly when Jim Carrey came aboard, swelling the budget to about $60 million.

Peter Weir helmed instead, bringing a complementary vision which lightened the material somewhat, and the clever satire, which followed a cheerful insurance man (Carrey) as he slowly realizes that all the people in his life are just actors in a TV show, opened to critical raves. Since the deal for “”Truman”” came together slowly, Niccol actually made his screenwriting and directing debut with Gattaca (1997) (1997), a superb, well-acted sci-fi movie that raised issues of genetic engineering in a totalitarian environment. (This bio is from IMDB.com) We recently sat down and did a fun interview with Niccol and Eamonn Walker one of the stars from his latest film “”Lord of War.”” As you’ll hear in the interview, Niccol was well respected by his crew, and Eamonn’s enthusiasm for working with Niccol shines through in this interview.CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO OUR UNCUT/UNEDITED INTERVIEW!!!!EM Interviewby Michelle AlexandriaOriginally Posted 09/19/05


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