Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Warner Home Video Goes Retro with New Jack City, Hero At Large, and Corvette Summer DVD Releases!!! M

“”Am I my brother’s keeper?”” Warner Home Video loves us now! I know you all thought this day would never come, and there were times when I thought it wouldn’t happen, but it has. And the reason I’ve been hot to get WHV on the EM Bandwagon, is they have some fantastic product coming out over the next few months, and I wanted to bring them to you. First out of the box are 3 of my top 50 films being released on DVD – one of the all time great Gangster flicks, New Jack City gets the treatment it deserves, Mark Hamil’s classic Corvette Summer finally gets a DVD Release, and John Ritter’s “”Hero At Large”” as now available.

First up is though is the classic film, New Jack City. For those of you who don’t know, New Jack City was Mario Van Peeble’s (You can read an interview we did with Mario and Melvin Van Peeble by CLICKING HERE). In it Wesley Snipes gave the performance of his career as the mad dog, Nino Brown a take no prisoners, amoral drug dealer who discovers Crack in the early 80s. He sees the profit potential of the low cost highly addictive drug and immediately sets out to become the Crack Kingpin of the early 80s. He launches his empire by taking over an entire complex and turning it into the city’s first crack house. He surrounds himself with a bunch of vicious killers led by his “”brother”” the smart and smooth as silk Gee Money (Allen Payne). As the movie says, a new breed of criminal needs a new breed of cop to take them down, and the team assigned to the task is Scotty Appleton (Ice-T) and Nick Peretti (Judd Nelson) giving the best performances of their career. Oh yeah, this also featured Chris Rock in one of his earliest and best film roles as the junky who tries to clean himself up – Pookie.New Jack City is one of those films that came along at the right time, and had all of the elements that just clicked. The New Jack Swing music era was in full force and the soundtrack included tracks by Guy, Christopher Williams, and Color Me Bad. This is one of those films that every fan of “”mob”” movies must own. FILM GRADE A+DVD FEATURESThis new Special Edition DVD is packed with some cool features including aNJC: A Hip-Hop Classic A nice featurette that goes over the history of the New Jack Swing sound with all new interviews from the musicians, celebrities, and music historians. Harlem World: a Walk Inside Mario Van Peebles checks out the sights and sounds of the Black Capitol of America.The Road To New Jack City A standard making of documentary with all new interviews with the cast and crew.3 Classic Music VideosIt’s hysterically funny watching Color Me Badd’s video “”I Wanna Sex You Up.”” I used to love this song and the group, now I just shake my head and ask myself, “”What the heck was I thinking?”” also included Ice-T’s “”New Jack Hustler”” and Christopher William’s “”I


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