Holy Great Raid!!! John Dahl and Hampton Sides Talk To EM’s Michelle Alexandria!!!

Director John Dahl has established quite a cult following after having big success with off center genre flicks like “”Joy Ride,”” “”Red Rock West,”” and “”Rounders.”” His latest flick, the Great Raid is an incredible war film that’s set in the set in the Philippines in 1945. The film tells 4 different stories that centers around the greatest military rescue in history, when a Battalion of marines rescued 500 men from a Cabanatuan Japanese POW camp.

We recently caught up with John Dahl, and the writer of the book, the film is based on Hampton Sides during a recent Washington, DC Junket (I never get to go anywhere!). In addition to speaking with these two, I spoke with several other folks from the Great Raid. The John Dahl and Hamilton Sides interview is particularly funny because they were focused on and loved my brand new Olympus Digital Voice Recorder that is super small and sleek. We ran out of time before I got a chance to go off on one of my well known tangents, and I didn’t get a chance to ask him some of my directorial questions, but this was a fun little 15 minute interview. [url=http://www.eclipsemagazine.com/podcasts/johndahl.mp3]CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS 15 MINUTE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JOHN DAHL AND HAMILTON SIDES, UNCUT, UNEDITED, RAW!![/url]EMTV Interview byMichelle AlexandriaOriginally Posted 08/09/05


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