Michelle Has a Cool, Fun, Interview with “”Stealth”” Director Rob Cohen!!!

Ever since he got his start directing Mahogany, Director Rob Cohen has had a long and storied career in Hollywood. This is the man who produced classics like “”The Wiz,”” “”The Running Man,”” “”The Witches of Eastwick”” and directed “”Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story,”” “”The Fast And Furious”” and more. It’s rare that I’m in awe of folks, but I must say being in the presence of such a Hollywood force was a blast.

Rob was in DC recently to promote his latest flick “”Stealth”” a film that’s doing poorly at the box office, but is a film that I really enjoyed and hope finds it’s audience on DVD. I took part in a wide ranging roundtable interview, where we talked about everything, but Stealth. Throughout the interview you get the impression that Rob is not a BS kind of guy, you ask him a question and he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks. And to top it off, the man is hysterically funny, his description of the George Lucas Episode III Director’s Camp was funny as heck. As well as his comments about Merchant/Ivory films, Sideways, and Joel Shumaker.This is an interview for the ages, so click the link below to listen to the 40 minute roundtable. Hear me tell Rob that I didn’t like the action sequences in “”Stealth.”” Listen to me try and explain myself! Because I really did like “”Stealth””, a lot, I just wasn’t as awed by the action scenes. Although there was this one sequence with the ring of fire, that was simply amazing! Hear me try in vain to get Rob’s personal email address :)[url=http://www.eclipsemagazine.com/podcasts/robchoen.mp3]CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AN 40 MINUTE, UNCUT, UNEDITED ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW WITH ROB COHEN!!![/url]EM Interview byMichelle AlexandriaPosted 08/01/05


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